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Wednesday, February 09, 2005

South Bay Ceili at Rosie McCann's

The new location for the ceili looks like it's going to work out very nicely. The food is more expensive than Straw Hat, but not too bad, and the food is really good, so it's more worth the price than the similarly priced items at St. Stephen's Green. We had a good night of dancing, with a few quirks and adjustments needing to be made. Separate tabs are a must since at one point with everyone having ostensibly paid their share, we were still off by more than $40. Luckily, several folks kicked in an extra $5 here and there and we made it, but that can't happen again. Getting the sound balanced was another challenge. It's nice to know that the sound design for the space was pretty cool. There's a little domed space over the dance floor, with speakers directed in toward it, and so while the music seemed quite loud on the dance floor, it was still a conversational level in the bar. Pretty cool. I've never been asked "Could you ask the band to be a bit louder?" before. Otherwise, the dance floor is nice and wood and the food is good and with a little time to settle in, I think this will be a very nice home for the ceili for the long run.

And tonight there's more dancing at the King's Head with Avalon Rising. Woohoo!


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