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Sunday, February 06, 2005

Weekend Go Bye-Bye

Friday Night Waltz was lovely. I'm so glad I went because the rest of the weekend has not been of my usual preference. It was spent with my dad tearing into house projects. I've torn out all of the ivy from behind the garage, and replanted several plants to save them from the destruction of all plant life in the center strip of my yard. I've bought and lifted 32 12 inch pavers and 31 half bricks. I've pulled weeds and tried to kill others with Round-Up. I've hauled and clipped and trimmed and there's a mighty big pile of detritus in the front that we're hoping the yard clippings truck will pick up on Thursday. There are six beautiful calla lillies on my dining room table and new patches on the stucco and in the bathroom and a new dryer vent under the house. We have a plan for building attic access and removing the popcorn ceiling in the blue bedroom. In all, I've watched one hour of tv, and generally spent every other waking moment working. Oh, and those waking hours were much earlier than normal since my dad gets up around 7. I don't get up that early on the weekdays, so while I normally catch up on sleep on the weekend, that didn't happen. But my yard looks much better. This is that lifestyle change I've been expecting. It's just so very odd though. Now I've just got to figure out what I do want to plant and grow in the yard. That part is more fun though.


  • So does this mean the attic project is in full swing? That's pretty exciting! I never got to see the space when Janelle and I were over, but I still think it's exciting. I think you should put in a small dormer for light. I'm sure your dad would agree. ;) I think I should broach the subject with him, he sounds like he needs more to do...

    By Blogger Flonkbob, at 8:26 AM  

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