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Monday, March 28, 2005

Coming Up For Air

Well, having mostly caught up to the craziness that is work (or at least to the point that I didn't feel compelled to work ofer the weekend for the first weekend in at least a month), and filed my taxes last week (whew!), this is the first weekened in a long time that I've felt like I had a real weekend. We watched Battlestar Galactica over breakfast Saturday morning. Rick finished digging up the tree stump and we planted the second front tree Satruday afternoon. Auntie came down and we went to yummy dinner at Chevy's and came home to watch Stage Beauty and I (heart) Huckabees. Huckabees was interesting, but Stage Beauty was fantastic. I saw previews for it, but then never found it in the theater. Camera 12 said they had it for a week. This is a crime. This was such a good movie. It's the story of the transition point where men playing women on stage transformed into women playing women, both of which were "morally degrading" but for different reasons. Billy Crudup is fantastic as Mr. Kynaston. His anguish is perfectly portrayed. And they manage to make the denouement as shocking and edge of your seat for the audience in the scene as well as the audience watching the screen. Lovely.

Sunday was spent at brunch with Kevin and Rachel and Ali and Mark and Cyrus and Athena and Kira (Kev's cubemate), her husband, and their son Max. Good brunch was had including an absolutely divine Passionfruit Sorbet. Yum! We then set out for the cemetary for a good walk, lots of exploring, and some photos of graves and Easter eggs. The most fascinating thing we stumbled upon was an old gated grave site with six stones, one passed earlier, but the remaining five had "Vengeance is mine, saith the lord. I shall repay." scribed across the five gravestones (with the single interruption on the fourth stone). All of those folks died May 26, 1897. Very curious. The other interesting item was the big celtic cross headstone that had a dollar sign in the center on the front side, but not on back. Rachel (Fisher) kept finding interesting head stones that she liked, and oddly, the two she was drawn to were both for Fishers.

Came home feeling a bit poorly (Ammy doesn't do wind well, and it got very windy, right before the raining), and chilled out for a while. Finally decided to take back the videos from the night before, and picked up Dead Like Me and Ella Enchanted. Frittered away the remainder of my evening. Dead Like Me was fun. Looking forward to some more episodes of that. Ella was fun, but a little grating at time. When she picked up a bow to play her mandolin, I cringed. But if taken in the right fluffy spirit, it's a good children's farce with a strong cast including Anne Hathaway, Cary Elwes, and Eric Idle. Fun, fluffy, and non-threatening. Last, off to bed feeling like I'd actually relaxed this weekend, making work less work this morning. It feels a bit like I've been driving seventy on the freeway in fourth gear for a while, with the engines whining. Not feeling quite like that this morning. Except when I look to Friday when I take over my new job full-time and won't be done with my old job (and the major testing and retesting and communications and web training development that needs to go on there. But heck, it'll all work out. It always does.


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