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Monday, March 28, 2005

Infinite Improbability Drive

Zaphod must've turned on the Infinite Improbablity Drive again, because I just had a highly improbable situation happen. There's a woman who was a former student and current employee. When she logged into Axess to get her old transcripts for a grad school application, she didn't get the page she needed in Axess. She just got the employee pages. You're supposed to be able to access them for five years after graduation. When I logged in as her in the FIX environment, a day old copy of the real environment, I saw all the tabs she should see. When I checked her security in the production environment, it was just staff roles. Totally flummoxed, I could see the tabs, but there seemed to be no security associated with it. When I log in, tabs. When she logs in, just employee info. Over the phone, I looked up the data she needed most in the FIX environment and told her I'd get back to her after I figured it out. I called over a coworker (since this is part of my new gig), and we both stared at it trying to figure it out, flipping between various access points, finally checking her security in FIX to make sure it matched the PRD security. It didn't. It had alumni roles. It turns out, today, the only day in all this time since she graduated, is the very day that her last quarter of enrollment ended. Happy Anniversary? Um, yeah, you'll have to walk into the reg office now to get that data.
Yeah, so that was weird. And yes, I'm looking forward to the new Hitchiker's movie.


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