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Tuesday, March 01, 2005

The Moment of Truth

So I did my first training sessions today, and the first session ran a little long, and the next one ran a little long, but the third one was short. This was pretty much as expected, but starting the first one on time will fix that, and the middle one will always be about 5 minutes long and that's going to be fine because the last one is only 35-40 minutes so it will all work out.

I've made it through the rest of my day, but about an hour ago, I apparently came down off all the adrenaline that's been running me for the past five days and I feel so sleepy, and the bucket of Diet Coke has done nothing to perk me up. So, early to bed tonight methinks.

Rick has been great the last couple of days, helping me set up a light in the middle of the night, doing dishes and laundry and taking out trash and setting up my home workstation so that I could work from home effectively on Monday. It's been a crazy few days, and I'm happy to say he's really been there for me through it.

But now, I need to do my timesheet for last week and go home. More testing tomorrow morning. More training at 1pm tomorrow. Go live to the user community on Thursday night. Almost there...


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