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Friday, March 18, 2005

Pixel is the Cutie-est!

I don't know if he does this when he's at home by himself all day, but when I'm working from home, he entertains himself all day long. And then, when I want to play too, we'll play chase around the house, alternating who is chasing and who is hiding, or he'll play fetch with his feather or mousie toys. It truly is excrutiatingly cute. Oh, and he definitely knows his own name nowadays. I say Pixel and he does this cute little trill and looks over, cocking his head. He's such a great kitten, even if he's not officially a kitten anymore. He really hasn't grown up (except in size! Our 12 pound huge kitty!) so he's just a hoot to play with. Chase is a lot of fun, with him skidding past me as I hide in the bathroom and he gallops from the bedroom to the kitchen, sliding into the rug in front of the sink. Oh, and speaking of rugs, another of his favorite self-entertainments is to hide under the rug and reach out to grab the toy he dropped on it before he climbed under. He's such a great cat. I'm so glad he showed up.


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