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Friday, March 11, 2005

So Lovely

I started out having a bad day. I had a headache from the night before and had to teach 3 classes before noon. I popped into the office to find no hot coffee, so I took my ibuprofen with cold coffee from the day before. Bleh! At the second class, several folks got all wrapped up in the approval process and how you could assign ANYONE as an approver. Yes, yes you could assign your buddy to approve something. And that would be on the audit record as a non-default approver, and if you were doing something inappropriate, you would be called on the carpet. But you can change the approvers! Yes, yes you can, because there are situations where you need somthing approved and the ordinary approver is out on vacation or sick or on leave. Anyway, we went several rounds on that, and I finally managed to just move on, and the person didn't try to drag the whole group back in; she just grumbled to the person next to her and shot me evil looks. I could care, but I just don't. That piece of how the system works was decided by a working group 3 years ago, and she can be as pissy as she wants to about it but it's been vetted by internal audit, so she can deal. Anyway, that made that session run long. Moreover, I ran out of handouts because I thought 70 would be enough, but the house was packed. Sigh. I showed them where to print their own online. I got done with the third session and found that the UAT database was down so there was no chance we could fix the work stoppage issue today. It has to wait until at least Tuesday morning. But testing has to happen today! And I have to field the dozen HelpSU requests and lead them through the work around. And test. Yeah, at the same time. Grr.

So lunch arrived, and I worked through it, missing my dance class. By 1:00, I was grumpy. Really grumpy. I told my roomie I'd be back and I went and got on my bike. I wanted some lunch. I didn't know where, so I just pedaled around in the beautiful weather for 30 minutes, riding past several options and finally deciding on a sandwich from Lutticken's Deli because I could eat that outside, sitting in the shade with flowers blooming in my peripheral vision and ate my sandwich and drank my soda and read my book. After a half hour of that, I came back to the office with 1. a little exercise, 2. fed, 3. caffeinated, 4. having taken some me time to read. Ready to face the rest of my day, I dove into the help queue and killed off a bunch of tickets. Now for testing, and then time to go home.

And can I just say again how completely lovely it is outside today. It's lovely. Perfect. Warm without being hot. The smell of spring is in the air. The hills are green and lush. Having spent an hour visiting it, I'm pretty sure I can live another couple of hours in my windowless cave. Eventually, I'll make it back outside, and that's a good thing.


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