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Sunday, April 10, 2005

All Aboard!

Our plans for Disneyland with Dirk, Tracey, Camryn and Ella fell through this weekend,so finding ourselves at loose ends, but still needed a weekend out of town as much as ever, Rick talked me into taking the train to go to Sacramento to visit friends. Our last few trips to town have been all family related, so we haven't gotten to see many of our friends in Sacramento in recent history. So we hopped the 9:40 train on Saturday morning, and headed on up to town. We met my mom for a bite of lunch and she dropped us off at Payless Car Rental where I had a little Hyundai reserved for $14.99 a day. They upgraded me to a PT Cruiser, which was kind of fun, and off we went. First we went to see Justin and Monica, who took us out to see the house they're planning to buy. It's a manufactured home made by Skyline, but sold by "Cousin Gary's". Luckily, their house design is far nicer than a business name like "Cousin Gary's" implies. It's actually got a very nice layout, with a beautiful kitchen and a huge master bedroom. We looked at a few other models too, and then one of the sales guys got totally fascinated with Rick's kilt. He came up asking what Justin and Monica needed, then admitted he just wanted to ask about the kilt. After that, we went to Chevy's for a nice dinner on the river at sunset, and then went back to to warm glow of Monica's new 60 inch television. We fed them a couple of episodes of Firefly, and once again, I got the joy of watching someone else start to really enjoy the show. We ended up crashing at mom's place for convenience, and we off to Orangevale in the morning for breakfast with Thomas, Lisa, and Rebbekah. After breakfast, I took a detour to see if the place I'd noticed on one of our prior visits was really related to the Susie's Deals that I used to shop at in L.A. It was, so I ended up doing a bit of shopping, getting several new tops, all for $5 or less. This was cool. I even found a favorite shirt I'd bought last year at Mervyns (for well more than $5) there for $5, so I got it as a spare because the best shirts always seem to die early deaths. Since we'd managed to miss the early train on that detour, we decided to pop into the local Target for a drink and a bathroom, and noticed another store in Birdcage - Beyond Gotham. The name was intriguing enough, so in we went to find a store specializing in Austrian crystal jewelry. After much trying on, I got a lovely new red necklace for Gaskells and a nice brooch for Dickens. The owner moved out from NYC to try expanding the business here as a test market. So far, it's going really well, and I'll certainly recommend it to others looking for attractive costume jewelry. After that, it was back to the car rental place, and they cheerfully shuttled us to the train station. We grabbed a bite of late lunch at the mall, and here we are on the train homeward. The sun is setting. The train is rolling. I've been writing and and knitting and playing games with Rick. This extra relaxation time is definitely worth the extra expense. It's a great way to travel, and this weekend has been exactly the little mini-vacation I needed.

So, back to work in the morning. I'm currently working two jobs and not really fully handling it well. It will get better, but right now, it's definitely too much to do any of it well. My left forearm is sad about all the extra mousing in the program I'm now using daily, so that may be an issue in the near future. We'll see how it all goes. But I think I'm actually ready to face the day on Monday, after the first truly totally relaxing weekend I've had in a good long time.


  • That sounds so grand! I would love to travel anywhere by just seems so civilized. And of course the fact that I've been in San Diego for 8 days now and haven't had a day off yet and miss my sweetie...well I need the weekend you just had. :*(

    By Blogger Flonkbob, at 3:16 PM  

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