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Saturday, April 02, 2005

April Fool Friday Night Waltz

Well, several folks avoided FNW last night, not trusting either the DJ or the idea of silly music. Me, I had a blast. There were a couple of clunkers to be sure, but overall, it was a fun night of silliness. In truth, I'm a very silly person, so this was perfect for me. At the bottom of the first set, Tom announced that the Congress would not be silly and was entirely the normal music. I grabbed Bob and told him if the music wasn't silly we'd have to do our best to make it silly for other reasons. A very silly Congress ensued, with fast spins, switching off lead and follow, going backwards, and so on. We didn't crash into anyone, but I think we made a couple people nervous. I think that's the best part of being and experienced dancer at this point - I know enough, and with an equally skilled partner, we can do all manner of wackiness and not cause harm to anyone else. It's just like writing - by having a full comprehension of the rules, you can bend and break the rules in far more elegant ways. Tom ended the night at the bottom of the set list, then gave us stragglers one more: "I'm an Asshole" by Dennis Leary. Still an all time favorite. After Tango class Thursday night, Dance Fitness at noon, and FNW in the evening, I've gotten more dancing in the past 3 days than in the month preceeding, and it feels really good, although a few muscles have mentioned that they don't appreciate the total inactivity to full speed ahead on 3 days notice thing, but they'll be fine in a day or two.


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