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Friday, April 22, 2005

Little Nibbles

So there's a million little things to mention, none big enough to inspire me to post, but together they are hopefully entertaining and worth recording.

Last night before I left the office, I remembered I needed to write a quick article for the Administrative Systems newsletter. I also had dinner plans in 15 minutes. So, I tossed off a quick note to the editor and copied my manager, figuring I could revise as needed in the morning. This morning I arrive to a note from my manager that says "This is very good. Thanks a lot." Well okay then. If there's one thing I've always been good at, it's timed writing. In school, if it was an essay test, I was golden. There are some things I'm really glad I learned in school.

Last night was the fourth week of my tango class. So, after yummy noodles at Zao with Brian and Christyn, I headed back to campus for the tango class. I've always avoided learning tango because it always seemed to serious and/or ooky to me. Most tango dancers try to exude seduction, and when it comes to dance (and, well, most things in my life) I'm more silly and playful. Tango has never seemed silly or playful. But Richard is teaching and I trust him and his emphasis on social dance versus competitive/pattern style dance, so learning lead and follow tango seemed worthwhile. It has been. Heck, I did a very silly tango with Alex last weekend at her birthday party and it was perfect. So I've found the silly in tango. Hooray!

But anyway, at this fourth class, I'm switching partners and the man I partner with says his name is Herve. I say, "Really? What's your last name?" and he answers and I think for a moment, and he asks why I ask. I say, "Well I helped a student with an Axess problem last week on the help desk named Herve." He says, "Oh! That was me! And thank you very much." We dance, now both slightly flustered. It's not often that student and staff find themselves in each others arms dancing something like the tango, but there I was.

Meanwhile, I signed up for Netflix yesterday. I figured I'd give it a whirl over the summer, see what the big deal was. So far, what I'm finding is that there aren't a whole lot of movies I really wanted to see that I didn't make time for in the theater. I'm a huge sucker for seeing a movie on a big screen in the theater, and with Cinema Saver 10 for $3 and Camera 7 and 12 for $5, it's just not very expensive, so we go see a lot of movies. Anyway, I've got several HBO and Showtime productions in the queue, plus some old classics I missed like "The Graduate". It'll be fun for the summer, but I suspect we'll give up on it after a few months. We'll see.

Now I just need to decide if I want to organize a big movie outing to see Hitchhiker's Guide on opening day. I'm thinking yes. It's going to be a fun year for movies I hope, starting with Hitchhiker's Guide (which is rumored to have the first preview for Serenity), Star Wars 3 (at least it will finally be over), Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (yay! Tim Burton and Johnny Depp and a herd of trained squirrels!), and finally Serenity on September 30th. I can't wait. Opening day was supposed to be today (fittingly, Earth Day), but it was postponed by the studio to avoid competition with Star Wars and Hitchhikers and such. Probably a wise move. Still, I'm really missing having some Joss Whedon banter in my life. Dead Like Me was entertaining, but it lacked the character development and linguistic wit of anything shepherded by Joss. Ah well. Til September.

Off to a meeting now!


  • If you plan a Hitchhikers day, let me know, I would love to see it with a group.

    By Blogger Chris S, at 3:36 PM  

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