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Wednesday, April 13, 2005

May I speak to your supervisor?

It's been a long time since I've done help desk work in any large amount. It's impressive how awful some folks can be. One person who submitted a ticket a couple of days ago called me back after a day of phone tag yesterday. She said I never called her back. I had, and left a message where I actually suggested that her tone was not helping the matter. For me to do that, someone has to be really over the top. She was. She was in full persecuted Mac-user mode. I had told her I wasn't having the problem she was having when I logged in as her. She said I couldn't possibly understand her problem since I was logging in on a PC. This is for a web-based program. Sure, there are some things that operate less well on certain browsers on a Mac, but as she'd originally described her problem, this wasn't one of those situations. So we went several rounds of me asking what browser she was using, and her not giving an answer to that basic question, insisting that it didn't matter if I wasn't going to log into a Mac. I finally said, "I'm really am trying to help you here, but your tone isn't helping, and I need you to answer my questions so that I can troubleshoot the problem." She started giving answers, terse and pissy, and finally we were able to see what she wanted using either Firefox or Safari, just not IE 5.2. I suggested that she should use Firefox. She asked for my supervisor's number. I offered it. She called him and left a voicemail. I sent him an email. I sighed and went on with my day.

But the one thing I've got a really big problem with for Mac users is this persecution complex they have. Yes, you are using a less common operating system, and the world programs for the most common things. If you're going to use a less common operating system, expect quirks and learn to work around them. As a PC user, I have 2 different browsers I use regularly just because things behave differently in each and sometimes I want one over the other. And all Linux users know that they may have to do something extra or special to get stuff to work for them. But for some reason, Mac users (especially on campus) seem to feel that they shouldn't have to think and everything should just work for them because we should all cater to the Mac. All hail the holy Mac! Um, not. It's just another operating system. It does some things very well. It does other things not as well. Were I to be a graphic designer, or if I wanted to design a nice photo album, then sure, I'd rather use a Mac. For dealing with campus administrative systems, give me a PC. Or if I must use a Mac, I'll expect problems.

Anyway, this pissant little woman from the pathetic little Slavic department inside the School of H&S won't ruin my day. I'll just laugh at her and her pathetic little life. And then I'll go pester Justin to show me his Swtich spoof video again. It's funny 'cause he's right.


  • And, as a recovering graphic designer, I still think that the PC was a better platform until OS-X... and then only once Adobe caught up with the OS. Switching from Mac to PC for design saved me a ton of time on day-to-day projects. Now that everything is PDF powered in the print side of the world there's just no reason to stay with Mac in my opinion.

    By Blogger Unknown, at 12:58 PM  

  • Two Universal Truths:

    1. IE on the Mac is not the same program as IE on the PC. In typical Microsoft fashion, it sucketh mightily on the Mac, and should never, ever be used under any circumstances.

    2. People only contact support people when they've got a problem. When they've got a problem, they're often pissed. They always take it out on the support person because they believe you to be in iconic representative of the thing that's causing the problem. It's entirely reasonable to tell a person who is abusing you exactly what you told this lady. I'm so glad the support I provide is anonymous!

    By Blogger Paul, at 2:47 PM  

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