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Thursday, April 14, 2005

Slow Start to a Productive Day

Usually it takes me around 40 minutes to get to work. Today it took twice 40 minutes. That sucked. It seems very wrong to be stopped long enough on the freeway to be able to pluck your eyebrows.

But then I got to work, had a good meeting where we figured out who was going to work on the major issues pending for Workflow, which is to say, some of the rest of the support team currently has some time to help us whittle our issues list a bit, so off we go with more hands than just Jia. Then I reviewed the changes moving to production tonight, doing a final round of testing and arranging final sign off from the business owners. Then I took care of the tickets in the HelpSU queue. Then I created the necessary Code & Problem Tracker tickets for the stuff from the first meeting. And I took 20 minutes to roll over to the Parking office to get my Eco-Pass so that I can ride the train to work for free. Then I arranged to get my side-view mirrors repaired next week. And now I'm off to my Tango class. Luckily the HelpSU queue was fairly light today, thus enabling all of this glorious productivity, but I tell you, it feels good to get so much done. Oh, and I found a good birthday present for Auntie that I'll go pick up after dance class. Yep. Done Done Done. I love getting stuff done.


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