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Wednesday, April 27, 2005


Well the tickets to Serenity sold out in less than 24 hours for all 10 screens nationwide. In the scrum yesterday, I forgot to call Paul and Karen, my Browncoat Ball companions, to say "Go! Buy! Now!" So when Paul logged in this morning, it was all sold out. Very sad. Luckily, Ray is smarter than me and he got extra tickets, and through some last minute negotiation, we have now secured tickets for Paul, Karen, and Crystal. Whew!

So, so far, I know that Ray, Rick, Cyrus, Athena, Kevin, Rachel (pending wisdom tooth badness), Paul, Karen, Crystal, Brian, Christyn, James, Debbie, T, and Sean will all be there at the theater. This will be the movie event of the season. I was completely unable to contain my glee last night and ended up bursting out in random happy dances around the house.

Plus, we projected the trailer last night at home. Wah. This is going to rock.

Oh, and to the exec who cancelled Firefly - Big mistake. Huge. Watch Universal suck up all the profits you could've had.

And to George Lucas, this is how great sci-fi is made - through passion to tell a great story against all odds.

And to Joss Whedon, we love you man! You and your bunion-y toes.


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