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Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Birthday Weekends are for having Fun!

Well my birthday week didn't start well. I worked some stupid hours on my birthday and followed it up the next day with a muscle pull in my back. Now feeling sufficiently old, I approached the rest of my week with a little dread. But ibuprofen works wonders and Thursday night Rick and I finally got down to rehearsing our scene. It's "Title" from Too Much Light Makes the Baby Go Blind. Rick was incredibly nervous about it. He doesn't do theater. Ultimately though, at the end of the night on Sunday, he was suggesting we should do this again soon.

Saturday was Baycon, complete with Nazgrrls. What are those you ask? Well there's the nine kings in Lord of the Rings, right? The Nazguls. There's the nine queens too, or so Gina suggested. And those are the Nazgrrls. Nine women clad in 9 velvet capes with 9 different dresses underneath each with a bit (or a lot) of the same velvet involved. We stepped out around 1pm, patrolled a bit, had many photos taken, then ditched the capes to stroll the rest of our day, looking just a bit deathly and menacing. We were told over lunch that we were the "best group hall costume seen in 13 years of Baycon". After lunch we headed up to the Trailer Park to watch a bunch of clips and trailers for upcoming flicks. Night Watch looks very cool and Disney is releasing another Miyazaki picture to the big screen in the US - Howl's Moving Castle. Plus there was the usual fare - War of the Worlds, Batman Begins, Dark Water, and oh yeah - Serenity. Watching the Serenity trailer in a room stuffed with 150 sci-fi geeks doesn't suck. After that, I wandered a bit, talked to friends, made new friends, and generally stood around and looked pretty and got complimented for it. Went home with tired feet and helped Rick finish the housekeeping. He had already tackled most of it, so we paused around 9:30 so I could take him to dinner. Then back to scrub the bathtub and rehearse again.

In the morning I ran around like a madwoman trying to find laurel for crowns, either fake or real, and finally just utterly ran out of time. Well... sort of. At 2, Sherman and Shauna showed up. Then there was a long pause and then Frank and Janelle and the kids showed up. Then there was no one. Around 3:30, I got nervous and started calling folks - "Um, hey, you guys still coming?" Yep, sure enough, but apparently the 2pm start time caught many unawares. By 5pm, we'd achieved critical mass and I asked Janelle to start us off. We drank a libation to Hestia and to Dionysus and then commenced the show.

See, this was no ordinary birthday party. The gang in Sacramento usually has a Lenaea festival in February. It didn't happen this year, but I really love the event, so I decided to make it my own and have my local Bay Area friends participate. So I invited a very small subset to my party this year, and everyone brave enough to attend had to perform something - whether that meant a reading, a song, a dance, a monologue, or a scene. If you were there, you stood before us all and became the center of attention. Once we got rolling, it went wonderfully. We had a full range from sea shanties to opera to Bulgarian diaphonics to "Take Me Out to the Ballgame" done by a 3 year old. We had story telling - both ancient and renewed. We had monologues about ducks and magic tricks and readings from Peter Pan and Spoon River. We laughed and clapped and sat agape at what amazing stuff we never knew our friends could do. That's Lenaea, so I count this a rousing success. We spent the rest of the night eating dessert first, munching on pizza and salads and drinking the rest of the Mavro and some Cabernet. Finally around 11 everyone headed home and we tidied up, pouring the last of the Mavro in the hearth, for the first and the last is always for Hestia. To bed to bed to sleep late.

On Monday, we rose to tackle the dining room. We tried going to the Benjamin Moore store, but they were closed for the holiday. So off to Home Depot, and the Home Depot on Capitol has a scanner. Stick your fabric in and three scans later it tells you which paint is a closest match. This is very cool. So we found the closet match in Behr paint, but there was also a Glidden paint that was very close too. Many paint chips came home, but no gallons of paint. We sorted through all the paint chips and compared them against the chairs (which are all done now. Yay!). We've got it narrowed down to two. I think I like the Glidden and Rick likes the Behr. After reviewing the two on Consumer Reports, I'm thinking I'm going to pick up the Behr on my way home. It's much better reviewed than the Glidden. So, the painting prep shall recommmence. Masking and such, followed by painting one wall for a checkpoint. Then cracking open the big container and painting like the maniac I am. What with every show worth watching on summer hiatus, I may get it done some evening. Anyhoo, we finished our weekend by watching the last 3 episodes of Wonderfalls with Kevin. The last 5 minutes of the last episode felt like a very sudden wrap up to a story arc that was set to run through another year or so, but it all ended well, and I'd cheerfully recommend the show to most anyone.

So that's my weekend - pretty, performance, and paint. Good times.

Friday, May 27, 2005

Stretchy Goodness

On Wednesday, I managed to pull a muscle in my back. By the end of the night, sitting down and standing up again required careful negotiation. Major ouch. So I slept with the heating pad and consumed 800mg of vitamin I. The next day I was sore. Work was really unpleasant. More ibuprofen was consumed. But by the end of the day, I'd moved enough to start working it out a bit. Rick rubbed my back just before bed. This morning, I woke up feeling very much recovered. I could put my shoes on without wincing, so this was major progress from the day before. Add to that Joan's Dance Fitness class, and oh boy do I feel better now. Taking one more dose of ibuprofen with lunch, but otherwise, I'm so glad to be recovering quickly. Wednesday night after King's Head, I was feeling every one of my 31 years. Now I'm feeling like at least I'm in decent enough shape to be able to recover from such things promptly. And Joan's class is a wonder of stretchy goodness.

Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Times change. Servers are still slow.

The worst part about testing is waiting for the testing server to respond. So slooooooow....

Meanwhile, I saw The Graduate Sunday night while recovering chairs. This is a film that is a product of its time. I wasn't born yet, so I didn't really get it. In my reality, Dustin Hoffman would've been perceived as a stalker and the daughter would've been screaming about his ruining her wedding, and there would be a restraining order. And Mrs. Robinson is an odd sort of dominatrix. Moreover, there's a weird plot hole where she doesn't explain why she doesn't want him dating her daughter. I guess it's just selfishness, but in a story from today, it'd turn out that they might be possibly related due to some sort of fling with Dustin Hoffman's dad. (See Veronica Mars for a current example.) Anyway, it was an interesting film, but mostly just went whoosh right over my had. And oh, the big naked scene? I've seen worse in just about anything. Even Firefly. I just didn't get it. C'est la vie.

It's my birthday!

What am I doing for my birthday? Working late. Oh yes.

But I got a new work bike for my birthday from my sweetie, complete with shiny baskets. The bike is purple with black trim. It's perfect for me. I'm stylin'.

And I got to go out to lunch with Fred, Rick, Christina and Jo-Ann in a bizarre moment of combining my worlds. Sadly, we found out that the Fresh Choice at the Stanford Shopping Center is no more. This was a major bummer. But we punted successfully and ended up at the Playa Grill there instead. Lunch was a taco and a half burrito. Yummy.

And there was a little birthday celebration at work for everyone with birthdays in April or May. I took the job of cake cutting since it was my birthday today.

But now, I'm working late. It was a busy day of meetings, mostly good meetings, and one very useful meeting that is now allowing me to tackle my last major task for the day successfully. But I've still got to create Supplemental Pay training for the medical school before tomorrow. Plus I'm trying out new software - Macromedia Captivate. It's a little buggy (keeps crashing), but otherwise it's wicked cool, so I'm tolerating the bugginess. After I finish all the screen shot demos, then I get to do Workflow/Webforms testing since Thursday is the last day of migration before the Commencement lockdown.

So I'm alone in the office. Just me and my balloons, wondering when I became this kind of a grown-up. Ah well. Hopefully it will all be done before 10.

Gently placing nose back on the grindstone now...

Monday, May 23, 2005

June 11th Officially Off-Limits

I now have 4 potential activities for June 11th.
- Pete's birthday party
- a dinner party
- Corinne's birthday party
- Gaskells
For the record, June 11th is now officially off limits. No one else is allowed to schedule anything that day. Pick some other day. Any other day. I suggest June 12th. It's a lovely Sunday and there's nothing planned.

Edit: Okay, allow me to amend that, since I've just been reminded that I'm also committed to dancing at Ardenwood Celtic Festival on June 11th. Why, oh why, did the world decide to gang up on that one single day!?!?!

Sunday, May 22, 2005

Recovering the Chairs

I've been dreading starting to recover the dining chairs, but I did the first two tonight and it went really easily. I hope to finish the last four tomorrow and have them all set. Next stop - paint the dining room. Maybe I'll have it all done by the end of next weekend. I think that'd be a lovely birthday present to myself.

Home Grown

Had broccoli for dinner from our yard. It was yummy. This is the third batch of broccoli we've pulled out of the yard. It doesn't taste especially different from store bought broccoli, but it is greener. I figure it's probably chock full of vitamins. Fresh steamed broccoli, a few red chili flakes, some crushed garlic, a few fennel seeds, a dash of salt and a pinch of sugar, and then there's a wok full of yummy broccoli goodness. That plus a sausage and a bit of bulgar wheat and spinich salad and it's a lovely dinner. With home grown broccoli. Yum.

Friday, May 20, 2005

Hairs Cut

In other news, I got my hair cut yesterday. On the one hand, it feels nice to not have the end of my hair be a dried out natty mess. On the other hand, I now have bangs for the first time in something on the order of 16 years. It's oddly disconcerting. I'm not sure how to manage them yet. It's a whole new experience being able to see my hair around my face. It all feels just a little too 80's. But I'm muddling along. It wasn't quite the cut I was looking for, but I was underprepared (didn't bring a stack of photos) and this is how the language translated. So the next time you see me, tell me what you think.

Sith and Stuff

So, I went to see Revenge of the Sith last night. It was not exactly good. The last hour was pretty good. The first hour to hour and a half was pure torture - somnolent dialog, bad cgi, music trying to force emotion where none existed. Really, it was painful. But the last hour was enjoyable. Well, save for a few lines. Darth Vader rising and screaming "Nooooooooo!" was just so over the top it actually made me snort. In fact, the most amusing thing about the whole movie was how it kept making puns and references. One of the wookies seriously did a Tarzan yell. One of the bad guys gets his arms cut off and another character says "He's been disarmed." I kid you not. Truly, this movie smacks of a Rocky Horror/MST3K sort of treatment.

But just before heading out to see Sith, I got word via the SF Browncoats list that the Sci-Fi channel had picked up the original episodes of Firefly to show preceeding the next season of Battlestar Galactica, Stargate SG:1, and Stargate Atlantis. Ironically, where the original Friday night timeslot of death may have helped kill Firefly, I suspect it will really thrive on the most sought after night of television for sci-fi geeks around the country. One of the browncoats posted this graphic to hand out as a flyer at Sith, so I printed some copies and handed them out.

Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Ammy Doesn't Do Sun

Okay, so after 3 full days, I still have skin that matches my living room walls. Yes, my living room walls are red. Only now, parts of it are itching and other parts still hurt.

I like the outdoors, in the shade. I do not like direct sunlight. Rick and I were standing in the shower discussing how if we ever got married we'd have to at least have the reception indoors. I said, "No outdoor wedding. No outdoor reception. Unless of course you want to have Mr. and Mrs. Big-Pile-of-Dust. Then he said, "Well, maybe under a nice shade tree." I said, "Ammy doesn't do sun!" He said, "Aw man, I was so setting you up for "And then a nice breeze comes along and once again we're Mr. and Mrs. Big-Pile-of-Dust."" I totally blew my line.

Anyway, Buffy jokes aside, sunshine is very bad for me. No sir, I don't like it. Rachel posted a nifty photo of Cyrus and Athena on her blog though.

Monday, May 16, 2005

SQL and stuff

Athena and Cyrus were successfully married on Saturday. It was sunny and warm during the ceremony, but spent most of the rest of the day overcast or foggy. As the wise know, overcast doesn't mean you won't get a sunburn, but I am not wise, and boy did I get a doozy. I'm still soaking myself aloe 2 days later, and my chest still resembles the color of a prize lobster and it still stings like crazy. But the wedding was nice. Especially nice was that so many of us were staying at the San Benito House or the B&B next door, so after the family guests left, we spent the evening around the fire shooting the breeze. At the end of the night, we headed upstairs to soak off the day in the giant claw foot tub and salve the sunburns a bit.

Sunday we headed home, popped into Bed Bath and Beyond to pick up some placemats and napkins for the pretty new table, and finally caught up to Ariyana at dinner time for Zyng and Kingdom of Heaven. Kingdom of Heaven was better than I expected, and hanging with Ari is always a hoot.

Today I went to the first day of a SQL class. It was really well taught and I'm much looking forward to the next two days. The class had a good lecture section this morning laying a really solid foundation so tha thte rest of it makes sense. Plus, going to the class is a very much needed break from the incoming HelpSU tickets. I popped online to check the queue when I got home and found just 2 tickets that were things only I could handle. I handled them, and then gleefully cleaned the house, home and free from work at 6pm. Very nice. Rick unfortunately had a less fun day as all the clients seem to be suffering a round of German spam, so I took him out to Macaroni Grill for good eats. It was really nice to have an evening just the two of us.

Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Serenity Screening Two

Well, they're holding a second screening, and this time tickets sold out in less than an hour. Now, I suspected this meant a lot of scalpers, and while there are some 33 batches of tickets for sale on eBay, none of them are for shows in Roseville or San Francisco. So, maybe there's a whole other batch of Browncoats we don't know about yet. Meanwhile, those scalping tickets are going to a very special level of hell. Very special.

Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Feeling Incompetent

Oh lordy but I do hate those days where I feel so thoroughly incompetent.

I was about 10 minutes from needing to leave for a meeting, but figured I could help one last person with a quick fix now that I knew the answer. So we got her logged in, and stepping through. Row inserted, and new effective date, and deleting the duplicate row of DISCOMREAD, and save. That should be it. But it wasn't. She got a big ol' error message. And now it was 11:01. I'm late for my meeting. Well, let's try again after clearing the cache and quitting IE. Oh, you're on a Mac? Okay, so stepping through clearing cache on a Mac. Can't remember the menu on a Mac. Go boot up the Mac across the room and step her through that. Then come back and do it all again, this time getting a different error message. Dangit. Okay. Stop. Think. It's 11:15. I'm soooooo late. Try a couple of other things. Still throwing error messages, but nothing meaningful or consistent. Okay, let me just do this. It works on my system. Fine. I'm not supposed to, but I did. I'll just deal with getting in trouble for that. I leave my desk, hit the toilet, and start walking to the meeting, and see the manager walking out. Did I miss it? Yes. Fine. Back to my desk. I give up. He follows me in. He asks what happened so I describe the scenario. How did I fix it? Well, I broke the rules. But dangit, the student is taken care of, the record is correct, and the user is happy. My manager is not. He mentions that Milestones don't work in IE on a Mac. I knew this, but forgot and forged down the wrong path. If we'd switched to Netscape or Safari she could've done it successfully. Drat. So now I'm a rule breaker and someone who can't remember all the quirks. And I'm working the help desk why again?

And there's another 22 items in the queue to deal with and I really don't want to even read them. I want to go home and call it a day and put my head under the covers. I want to sell my home and use the money to get a different education and start over. But I'm going to read the next one, and the one after that. And I'm going to try to redeem my day, but lordy, I don't feel good about my job or my place in it today.

Monday, May 09, 2005

Busy Planet

The Earth has been moving under our feet for the last few days. It's either letting off a little steam gently in small shakes, or is grinding into position for a big one. I'm hoping for the former.

Sunday, May 08, 2005

House Hunting

So this weekend, Christyn and Brian began the house hunt in earnest, and I went with them because a deranged piece of me really misses the hunt. I love house hunting. It's always fun to compare what various people feel is the value of their property, see what options are out there, and see what people have done with places.

There was an interesting place over on N. 18th Street. The house and garage all seemed in decent shape, and that's a nice neighborhood downtown. The downside to that place, much like the downside to our place, is the neighbor next door. The house next door was nearly falling down, totally overgrown, and generally a shambles. However, unlike the house next door to me, this one looked unoccupied, and possibly at the start of a renovation project.

We also saw a great piece of property in Sunnyvale. Trouble was, the owners had owned it for 50 years, and hadn't done much of anything in the way of upgrades. Things were generally decently maintained, but 50 years old is just old for a house, especially a house that wasn't well built in the first place. Plus, they were heavy smokers, and the smoke overwhelmed the living room. Too bad really. It was a huuuuuge lot with nice trees, and the original 2 car garage had been converted to a second living room and a new 2 car garage added on the front. This didn't mess up the architecture, and added a fabulous space in the otherwise smallish house. Oh, and did I mention the huuuuuuge lot? Yah. Oh well.

Then there was the horror house in Newark. It mentioned that it had projects in progress. The house had broken windows. The mail slot in the door was a hole. The side door on the garage was crumbling from water damage. We went in since the place was unlocked to find a kitchen with no flooring, a bathroom with no fixtures, and a fan in the added on room which had two bulbs glowing dimly orange, though not at the 40 watts they were labeled. For this, they wanted $519k. Unbelievable.

Another surprise was a McKuen complex over in the Cambrian area of San Jose. McKuen complexes are a dime a dozen. They're a 4-plex with a 2 2-car garages where each of the residents get a half a garage they share with one other resident. The unit was a 2/1 that had been nicely reappointed inside. The bathroom was a little bit Watercourse Way. The kitchen had the nicest cabinets I've seen in years. New carpets, gorgeous paint choices, new trim, new light fixtures. But still, it was all to dress up a ugly dog. McKuen complexes remain poor construction and poor design. It will be a very nice starter/bachelor pad for someone with different priorities.

I tell you though, I'm glad we found our place when we did. It looks like prices have spiked yet again, and I could probably turn my place around and sell it now for around $540k. That's scary since that's $100k difference in less than a year. Very scary. But I don't want to sell my little home. I'm rather taken with the place. It really has a good flow to it, and I love my wood floors, and I love the tiny cottage look of the front. I think I've decided what color to paint the dining room. I'm taming the backyard, and still loving my kitchen with it's gas stove. I made yummy crepes stuffed with eggs, pepper jack, grilled onions, sauteed mushrooms, sauteed spinich, and chicken tortilla sausage for breakfast on Saturday and oatmeal with grilled sausage and fresh sliced strawberries for breakfast this morning. Few things beat being curled up on our sofa, with good breakfast, good stuff on Tivo, and enforced kitten snuggle time. Life is good here. And yah, house hunting is still fun, even if I'm not hunting for me.

Friday, May 06, 2005


Okay, before I go reading what everyone else said, let me just wash out a little of what's in my own head.

Rick picked me up at Stanford at 4:10 and we were on the road by 4:15. I was dressed in my red Chinese jacket, jeans and combat boots, with hair planted in two buns atop my head, and he in some Wah Maker trousers, banded collared shirt, and suspenders. We looked like we could be extras for the show. Driving through some awfully good traffic we parked at 5pm. Striding in, I saw no line. This confused me. Could I really be the first person in line at 5pm? So I asked the ticket taker. He and the security guard conferred and decided they should start the line on the ground floor stretching out toward the lobby. There was one other guy there and together, Dave and I began the line (Rick was in the bathroom). For the first half hour, I thought it must be a mistake, that I couldn't possibly be the first one, but I guess everyone else was feeling a lot calmer. Me, I hadn't gotten anything done after 3pm. I got through my 3:30 checkpoint meeting, and all I could do was change and wait for Rick. The HelpSU queue was empty, and there was no way I could sit down and do documentation. Serenity called.

So there I was with Dave, and his buddies Dave and Mark. And the line started forming behind us. T's contingent arrived from Davis and formed the 3rd major group. Rick went out to the car and caught the guy delivering the movie on his way back in. He asked, "Is that Serenity?" and the guy said, "Are you Stan?" Rick explained that no, he was just here to see it, and guessed well. He asked if he could take a photo and the guy said, "I wasn't specifically told that that wasn't allowed, so sure." So Rick has a really cute photo of a delivery guy with the reels on a dolly. I'll post it here later. We started seeing various folks arriving with boxes and posters and other trinkets. We waited, with the line growing slowly behind us. Meanwhile, we started watching Ariel, War Stories, and Objects in Space. The laptop battery died part way through Objects in Space, but by then, enough people had arrived that it was time to pack up and take the laptop back to the car anyway.

Rick and I split a sandwich and fries and each had a big soda. Adding lots of caffeine to the already very excited Ammy was a recipe for manic giddyness. I've rarely ever been quite so wired, and whenever I am, it's a scary sight to see. Around 8 o'clock or so, the film crew from Universal arrived. They wanted to talk to the first person in line, so they interviewed me. They asked what time I arrived, how I'd found out about the preview, what I was looking forward to most, what made Firefly special (to which I gave a fairly well worded answer about it being character driven, and how Star Trek is dead, and how George Lucas killed Star Wars, and how Serenity could be the start of a whole new broad based fandom), and so on. So, then add about a gallon of adrenaline to the already manic super-caffeinated Ammy, and wow, I'm fair certain I've never been that jittery/wired/hyper for that long before.

Around 9, the rest of the gang started arriving. It was great watching so many friends trickle in, even Rachel, with frozen peas strapped to her head. She'd had her wisdom teeth out in the morning, and yet still trekked up to see it. A funny thing happened with this preview. I may well have been the first person to find a way to purchase tickets online, and so it seemed like fully half of the theater was my friends, or friends of friends, or friends of friends of friends. After we were in our seats, Kevin suggested that if we started by raising my hand, then said, "Raise your hand if you know someone who is already raising their hand" to see whether or not eventually every hand would be raised and how it would fan out. An interesting opportunity for social experiment missed. But T did offer a very nice thank you to me, saying, "If you are here because you heard about it from me, (hey Ammy stand up), give a big thank you to Ammy who it wouldn't be possible without." A loud cheer and clapping went up. That's when I started blushing.

So the movie was scheduled to start at 10, and we all started heading toward our seats in anticipation at 10. But there was a delay. We were all watching the folks from Universal, the camera guy who kept twitching, the woman on her cell phone. Something was coming. Someone was coming. When Gina Torres (Zoe) and Alan Tudyk (Wash) walked in about five after 10, the crowd went wild. They made introductions and joked a bit, and then sat down to watch the movie with us, available to answer questions at the end. All I can say after that is that I'm so glad they were there to answer questions. The movie started with a little note from Joss, telling us how much Firefly meant to him, how this was unfinished, and how this wouldn't be possible without all of us. It was perfect. And then Serenity washed over us. In my already hightened state, all of the jump out and get you scares meant screams and great lines meant large laughs from the audience, but I think we missed all of one line, because everyone was hanging on every word. Laughs were big, but stopped abruptly as the next line was delivered. The great thing about Joss Whedon stuff is that every word matters, and none of us were willing to miss a thing.

When it was over a little after 12, Gina and Alan did take a half dozen questions. We exited the theater and each got a signed mini-poster and a keychain. I'm not sure if this movie will be a commercial success, but I'm still glad it exists. And though not everything went the way I would've liked, I can't wait to see the final cut. I will probably be at the front of the line on September 30 too.

Thursday, May 05, 2005

Good Times

So for all of our ups and downs, Rick is great most of the time. Last night I was on my way home via Dollar Tree, Target, Pink Elephant Bakery, and finally Taqueria Jalisco. As I'm walking through Target, Rick calls. I ask, "Is there anything you want from Target?" trying to sound all innocent. Just the night before in the shower we'd been talking about how I always call him from Target and say "Anything you need?" and how he never says anything but next time he has to be sure and say "razor blades". So he hems for a moment and then says, almost as innocently, "Well, some razor blades might be nice." I giggle and say, "Okay good, because I'm just putting them in my basket." Then he says, "So I was calling to find out if you'd like a soda." I have a tendency to stop for a soda from 7-11 when I want Diet Coke because the formula is different from the fountain and I much prefer that flavor. I had scolded him a while back about getting a soda for himself but not checking to see if I wanted one, so now he always checks. I answered that I'd already planned to get a soda from Target, but thanks for the offer. He said, "Oh, ok, I won't stop then." Turns out he was only going to get a soda for me, just because he was passing the 7-11 on the way home and thought I might want one. These are the things that make me very happy.

And then I opened my bag this morning and found a card. Just a just because card. It said, "You're too good to be true!" "And too weird to be something I dreamed up. I Love You." Yep, it's the little thoughtfulnesses that make all the difference in a relationship. Plus, enforced kitty snuggle time on the sofa is also really good. Pixel pinned us down last night and made us snuggle him and each other. Life is rough, I tell ya.

Oh, and then there's Serenity tonight. I almost couldn't sleep last night. Wheeeeeee!

Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Hello Seattle!

It's raining outside. A lot. In May. I'm not sure when I magically moved to Seattle, but it seems I did. Or more to the point, Seattle weather moved here. (And add to that the irony that Seattle is having a drought.) If this keeps up it's going to mess up our Cinco de Mayo party at work tomorrow and will make standing in line for Serenity much more unpleasant.

Oh well. Everything is still lush and green and will be so for quite some time. And now I don't need to go water the broccoli in my backyard tonight. It's plenty wet already.