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Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Birthday Weekends are for having Fun!

Well my birthday week didn't start well. I worked some stupid hours on my birthday and followed it up the next day with a muscle pull in my back. Now feeling sufficiently old, I approached the rest of my week with a little dread. But ibuprofen works wonders and Thursday night Rick and I finally got down to rehearsing our scene. It's "Title" from Too Much Light Makes the Baby Go Blind. Rick was incredibly nervous about it. He doesn't do theater. Ultimately though, at the end of the night on Sunday, he was suggesting we should do this again soon.

Saturday was Baycon, complete with Nazgrrls. What are those you ask? Well there's the nine kings in Lord of the Rings, right? The Nazguls. There's the nine queens too, or so Gina suggested. And those are the Nazgrrls. Nine women clad in 9 velvet capes with 9 different dresses underneath each with a bit (or a lot) of the same velvet involved. We stepped out around 1pm, patrolled a bit, had many photos taken, then ditched the capes to stroll the rest of our day, looking just a bit deathly and menacing. We were told over lunch that we were the "best group hall costume seen in 13 years of Baycon". After lunch we headed up to the Trailer Park to watch a bunch of clips and trailers for upcoming flicks. Night Watch looks very cool and Disney is releasing another Miyazaki picture to the big screen in the US - Howl's Moving Castle. Plus there was the usual fare - War of the Worlds, Batman Begins, Dark Water, and oh yeah - Serenity. Watching the Serenity trailer in a room stuffed with 150 sci-fi geeks doesn't suck. After that, I wandered a bit, talked to friends, made new friends, and generally stood around and looked pretty and got complimented for it. Went home with tired feet and helped Rick finish the housekeeping. He had already tackled most of it, so we paused around 9:30 so I could take him to dinner. Then back to scrub the bathtub and rehearse again.

In the morning I ran around like a madwoman trying to find laurel for crowns, either fake or real, and finally just utterly ran out of time. Well... sort of. At 2, Sherman and Shauna showed up. Then there was a long pause and then Frank and Janelle and the kids showed up. Then there was no one. Around 3:30, I got nervous and started calling folks - "Um, hey, you guys still coming?" Yep, sure enough, but apparently the 2pm start time caught many unawares. By 5pm, we'd achieved critical mass and I asked Janelle to start us off. We drank a libation to Hestia and to Dionysus and then commenced the show.

See, this was no ordinary birthday party. The gang in Sacramento usually has a Lenaea festival in February. It didn't happen this year, but I really love the event, so I decided to make it my own and have my local Bay Area friends participate. So I invited a very small subset to my party this year, and everyone brave enough to attend had to perform something - whether that meant a reading, a song, a dance, a monologue, or a scene. If you were there, you stood before us all and became the center of attention. Once we got rolling, it went wonderfully. We had a full range from sea shanties to opera to Bulgarian diaphonics to "Take Me Out to the Ballgame" done by a 3 year old. We had story telling - both ancient and renewed. We had monologues about ducks and magic tricks and readings from Peter Pan and Spoon River. We laughed and clapped and sat agape at what amazing stuff we never knew our friends could do. That's Lenaea, so I count this a rousing success. We spent the rest of the night eating dessert first, munching on pizza and salads and drinking the rest of the Mavro and some Cabernet. Finally around 11 everyone headed home and we tidied up, pouring the last of the Mavro in the hearth, for the first and the last is always for Hestia. To bed to bed to sleep late.

On Monday, we rose to tackle the dining room. We tried going to the Benjamin Moore store, but they were closed for the holiday. So off to Home Depot, and the Home Depot on Capitol has a scanner. Stick your fabric in and three scans later it tells you which paint is a closest match. This is very cool. So we found the closet match in Behr paint, but there was also a Glidden paint that was very close too. Many paint chips came home, but no gallons of paint. We sorted through all the paint chips and compared them against the chairs (which are all done now. Yay!). We've got it narrowed down to two. I think I like the Glidden and Rick likes the Behr. After reviewing the two on Consumer Reports, I'm thinking I'm going to pick up the Behr on my way home. It's much better reviewed than the Glidden. So, the painting prep shall recommmence. Masking and such, followed by painting one wall for a checkpoint. Then cracking open the big container and painting like the maniac I am. What with every show worth watching on summer hiatus, I may get it done some evening. Anyhoo, we finished our weekend by watching the last 3 episodes of Wonderfalls with Kevin. The last 5 minutes of the last episode felt like a very sudden wrap up to a story arc that was set to run through another year or so, but it all ended well, and I'd cheerfully recommend the show to most anyone.

So that's my weekend - pretty, performance, and paint. Good times.


  • I didn't think that Alexander would perform for a group - I'm impressed. Have him sing yellow submarine for you sometime.

    By Blogger Bill B, at 10:34 AM  

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