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Monday, May 09, 2005

Busy Planet

The Earth has been moving under our feet for the last few days. It's either letting off a little steam gently in small shakes, or is grinding into position for a big one. I'm hoping for the former.


  • I love that page. I've been looking at it for years.

    366 quakes inthe last 7 days isn't that unusual. around 270 is normal, but I've seen it as low as 160 and as high as about 500 after major quakes with swarms of aftershocks.

    Those two quakes in Napa and Piedmont yesterday though... Something might be a-comin'... As a new homeowner, I'm sure you have the same sudden increase in concern that I do!

    By Blogger Kevin Fox, at 5:41 PM  

  • I felt one of the Berkeley ones. It was like something bumped into the building and then the wave rolled through it Westward.

    By Blogger Chris S, at 5:52 PM  

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