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Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Feeling Incompetent

Oh lordy but I do hate those days where I feel so thoroughly incompetent.

I was about 10 minutes from needing to leave for a meeting, but figured I could help one last person with a quick fix now that I knew the answer. So we got her logged in, and stepping through. Row inserted, and new effective date, and deleting the duplicate row of DISCOMREAD, and save. That should be it. But it wasn't. She got a big ol' error message. And now it was 11:01. I'm late for my meeting. Well, let's try again after clearing the cache and quitting IE. Oh, you're on a Mac? Okay, so stepping through clearing cache on a Mac. Can't remember the menu on a Mac. Go boot up the Mac across the room and step her through that. Then come back and do it all again, this time getting a different error message. Dangit. Okay. Stop. Think. It's 11:15. I'm soooooo late. Try a couple of other things. Still throwing error messages, but nothing meaningful or consistent. Okay, let me just do this. It works on my system. Fine. I'm not supposed to, but I did. I'll just deal with getting in trouble for that. I leave my desk, hit the toilet, and start walking to the meeting, and see the manager walking out. Did I miss it? Yes. Fine. Back to my desk. I give up. He follows me in. He asks what happened so I describe the scenario. How did I fix it? Well, I broke the rules. But dangit, the student is taken care of, the record is correct, and the user is happy. My manager is not. He mentions that Milestones don't work in IE on a Mac. I knew this, but forgot and forged down the wrong path. If we'd switched to Netscape or Safari she could've done it successfully. Drat. So now I'm a rule breaker and someone who can't remember all the quirks. And I'm working the help desk why again?

And there's another 22 items in the queue to deal with and I really don't want to even read them. I want to go home and call it a day and put my head under the covers. I want to sell my home and use the money to get a different education and start over. But I'm going to read the next one, and the one after that. And I'm going to try to redeem my day, but lordy, I don't feel good about my job or my place in it today.


  • No one is perfect and I'll bet you're still pretty damm good.

    By Blogger Chris S, at 1:56 AM  

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