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Thursday, May 05, 2005

Good Times

So for all of our ups and downs, Rick is great most of the time. Last night I was on my way home via Dollar Tree, Target, Pink Elephant Bakery, and finally Taqueria Jalisco. As I'm walking through Target, Rick calls. I ask, "Is there anything you want from Target?" trying to sound all innocent. Just the night before in the shower we'd been talking about how I always call him from Target and say "Anything you need?" and how he never says anything but next time he has to be sure and say "razor blades". So he hems for a moment and then says, almost as innocently, "Well, some razor blades might be nice." I giggle and say, "Okay good, because I'm just putting them in my basket." Then he says, "So I was calling to find out if you'd like a soda." I have a tendency to stop for a soda from 7-11 when I want Diet Coke because the formula is different from the fountain and I much prefer that flavor. I had scolded him a while back about getting a soda for himself but not checking to see if I wanted one, so now he always checks. I answered that I'd already planned to get a soda from Target, but thanks for the offer. He said, "Oh, ok, I won't stop then." Turns out he was only going to get a soda for me, just because he was passing the 7-11 on the way home and thought I might want one. These are the things that make me very happy.

And then I opened my bag this morning and found a card. Just a just because card. It said, "You're too good to be true!" "And too weird to be something I dreamed up. I Love You." Yep, it's the little thoughtfulnesses that make all the difference in a relationship. Plus, enforced kitty snuggle time on the sofa is also really good. Pixel pinned us down last night and made us snuggle him and each other. Life is rough, I tell ya.

Oh, and then there's Serenity tonight. I almost couldn't sleep last night. Wheeeeeee!


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