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Tuesday, May 24, 2005

It's my birthday!

What am I doing for my birthday? Working late. Oh yes.

But I got a new work bike for my birthday from my sweetie, complete with shiny baskets. The bike is purple with black trim. It's perfect for me. I'm stylin'.

And I got to go out to lunch with Fred, Rick, Christina and Jo-Ann in a bizarre moment of combining my worlds. Sadly, we found out that the Fresh Choice at the Stanford Shopping Center is no more. This was a major bummer. But we punted successfully and ended up at the Playa Grill there instead. Lunch was a taco and a half burrito. Yummy.

And there was a little birthday celebration at work for everyone with birthdays in April or May. I took the job of cake cutting since it was my birthday today.

But now, I'm working late. It was a busy day of meetings, mostly good meetings, and one very useful meeting that is now allowing me to tackle my last major task for the day successfully. But I've still got to create Supplemental Pay training for the medical school before tomorrow. Plus I'm trying out new software - Macromedia Captivate. It's a little buggy (keeps crashing), but otherwise it's wicked cool, so I'm tolerating the bugginess. After I finish all the screen shot demos, then I get to do Workflow/Webforms testing since Thursday is the last day of migration before the Commencement lockdown.

So I'm alone in the office. Just me and my balloons, wondering when I became this kind of a grown-up. Ah well. Hopefully it will all be done before 10.

Gently placing nose back on the grindstone now...


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