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Friday, May 06, 2005


Okay, before I go reading what everyone else said, let me just wash out a little of what's in my own head.

Rick picked me up at Stanford at 4:10 and we were on the road by 4:15. I was dressed in my red Chinese jacket, jeans and combat boots, with hair planted in two buns atop my head, and he in some Wah Maker trousers, banded collared shirt, and suspenders. We looked like we could be extras for the show. Driving through some awfully good traffic we parked at 5pm. Striding in, I saw no line. This confused me. Could I really be the first person in line at 5pm? So I asked the ticket taker. He and the security guard conferred and decided they should start the line on the ground floor stretching out toward the lobby. There was one other guy there and together, Dave and I began the line (Rick was in the bathroom). For the first half hour, I thought it must be a mistake, that I couldn't possibly be the first one, but I guess everyone else was feeling a lot calmer. Me, I hadn't gotten anything done after 3pm. I got through my 3:30 checkpoint meeting, and all I could do was change and wait for Rick. The HelpSU queue was empty, and there was no way I could sit down and do documentation. Serenity called.

So there I was with Dave, and his buddies Dave and Mark. And the line started forming behind us. T's contingent arrived from Davis and formed the 3rd major group. Rick went out to the car and caught the guy delivering the movie on his way back in. He asked, "Is that Serenity?" and the guy said, "Are you Stan?" Rick explained that no, he was just here to see it, and guessed well. He asked if he could take a photo and the guy said, "I wasn't specifically told that that wasn't allowed, so sure." So Rick has a really cute photo of a delivery guy with the reels on a dolly. I'll post it here later. We started seeing various folks arriving with boxes and posters and other trinkets. We waited, with the line growing slowly behind us. Meanwhile, we started watching Ariel, War Stories, and Objects in Space. The laptop battery died part way through Objects in Space, but by then, enough people had arrived that it was time to pack up and take the laptop back to the car anyway.

Rick and I split a sandwich and fries and each had a big soda. Adding lots of caffeine to the already very excited Ammy was a recipe for manic giddyness. I've rarely ever been quite so wired, and whenever I am, it's a scary sight to see. Around 8 o'clock or so, the film crew from Universal arrived. They wanted to talk to the first person in line, so they interviewed me. They asked what time I arrived, how I'd found out about the preview, what I was looking forward to most, what made Firefly special (to which I gave a fairly well worded answer about it being character driven, and how Star Trek is dead, and how George Lucas killed Star Wars, and how Serenity could be the start of a whole new broad based fandom), and so on. So, then add about a gallon of adrenaline to the already manic super-caffeinated Ammy, and wow, I'm fair certain I've never been that jittery/wired/hyper for that long before.

Around 9, the rest of the gang started arriving. It was great watching so many friends trickle in, even Rachel, with frozen peas strapped to her head. She'd had her wisdom teeth out in the morning, and yet still trekked up to see it. A funny thing happened with this preview. I may well have been the first person to find a way to purchase tickets online, and so it seemed like fully half of the theater was my friends, or friends of friends, or friends of friends of friends. After we were in our seats, Kevin suggested that if we started by raising my hand, then said, "Raise your hand if you know someone who is already raising their hand" to see whether or not eventually every hand would be raised and how it would fan out. An interesting opportunity for social experiment missed. But T did offer a very nice thank you to me, saying, "If you are here because you heard about it from me, (hey Ammy stand up), give a big thank you to Ammy who it wouldn't be possible without." A loud cheer and clapping went up. That's when I started blushing.

So the movie was scheduled to start at 10, and we all started heading toward our seats in anticipation at 10. But there was a delay. We were all watching the folks from Universal, the camera guy who kept twitching, the woman on her cell phone. Something was coming. Someone was coming. When Gina Torres (Zoe) and Alan Tudyk (Wash) walked in about five after 10, the crowd went wild. They made introductions and joked a bit, and then sat down to watch the movie with us, available to answer questions at the end. All I can say after that is that I'm so glad they were there to answer questions. The movie started with a little note from Joss, telling us how much Firefly meant to him, how this was unfinished, and how this wouldn't be possible without all of us. It was perfect. And then Serenity washed over us. In my already hightened state, all of the jump out and get you scares meant screams and great lines meant large laughs from the audience, but I think we missed all of one line, because everyone was hanging on every word. Laughs were big, but stopped abruptly as the next line was delivered. The great thing about Joss Whedon stuff is that every word matters, and none of us were willing to miss a thing.

When it was over a little after 12, Gina and Alan did take a half dozen questions. We exited the theater and each got a signed mini-poster and a keychain. I'm not sure if this movie will be a commercial success, but I'm still glad it exists. And though not everything went the way I would've liked, I can't wait to see the final cut. I will probably be at the front of the line on September 30 too.


  • Totally worth going! I loved it. Me with my Cheek Peas and all!

    By Blogger Rachel Lea, at 1:24 PM  

  • Sooooooooooo fun! Worth winding up having 3 hours of sleep in the middle of nearly 40 hours of being awake....wheeeeeeeeee!

    By Blogger BlackSheep, at 6:19 PM  

  • Love the Firefly series. Makes me want to put on my best combat boots and start shooting. But my imagination is as far as I can go.

    By Blogger PearlmanNate, at 2:23 AM  

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