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Monday, May 16, 2005

SQL and stuff

Athena and Cyrus were successfully married on Saturday. It was sunny and warm during the ceremony, but spent most of the rest of the day overcast or foggy. As the wise know, overcast doesn't mean you won't get a sunburn, but I am not wise, and boy did I get a doozy. I'm still soaking myself aloe 2 days later, and my chest still resembles the color of a prize lobster and it still stings like crazy. But the wedding was nice. Especially nice was that so many of us were staying at the San Benito House or the B&B next door, so after the family guests left, we spent the evening around the fire shooting the breeze. At the end of the night, we headed upstairs to soak off the day in the giant claw foot tub and salve the sunburns a bit.

Sunday we headed home, popped into Bed Bath and Beyond to pick up some placemats and napkins for the pretty new table, and finally caught up to Ariyana at dinner time for Zyng and Kingdom of Heaven. Kingdom of Heaven was better than I expected, and hanging with Ari is always a hoot.

Today I went to the first day of a SQL class. It was really well taught and I'm much looking forward to the next two days. The class had a good lecture section this morning laying a really solid foundation so tha thte rest of it makes sense. Plus, going to the class is a very much needed break from the incoming HelpSU tickets. I popped online to check the queue when I got home and found just 2 tickets that were things only I could handle. I handled them, and then gleefully cleaned the house, home and free from work at 6pm. Very nice. Rick unfortunately had a less fun day as all the clients seem to be suffering a round of German spam, so I took him out to Macaroni Grill for good eats. It was really nice to have an evening just the two of us.


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