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Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Times change. Servers are still slow.

The worst part about testing is waiting for the testing server to respond. So slooooooow....

Meanwhile, I saw The Graduate Sunday night while recovering chairs. This is a film that is a product of its time. I wasn't born yet, so I didn't really get it. In my reality, Dustin Hoffman would've been perceived as a stalker and the daughter would've been screaming about his ruining her wedding, and there would be a restraining order. And Mrs. Robinson is an odd sort of dominatrix. Moreover, there's a weird plot hole where she doesn't explain why she doesn't want him dating her daughter. I guess it's just selfishness, but in a story from today, it'd turn out that they might be possibly related due to some sort of fling with Dustin Hoffman's dad. (See Veronica Mars for a current example.) Anyway, it was an interesting film, but mostly just went whoosh right over my had. And oh, the big naked scene? I've seen worse in just about anything. Even Firefly. I just didn't get it. C'est la vie.


  • I'm so glad someone else doesn't get that movie. I watched it and was like... 'huh'?

    By Blogger Zhaneel, at 11:30 AM  

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