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Sunday, June 12, 2005

Connect the Dots

Netflix delivered Patch Adams last week and I just got around to watching it tonight. It really was a Dead Poet's Society with Med Students instead of preppies. But there were two things of note about it.

One, Alan Tudyk (who plays Wash in Firefly) was one of the patients in the group therapy session in the first part of the movie. He was funny, as usual, and I could hear echos of the Wash to come in that very much younger, less filled out face.

Two, the guy who plays the Mayor in season 3 of Buffy was Patch's psychotherapist. This is the second Joss Whedon connection for the film.

Three, the credits rolled, and the end titles song was "Faith from the Heart", the theme song for Enterprise. The incredibly crappy theme song from Enterprise. Only this time it really is sung by Rod Stewart instead of a pathetic Rod Stewart wanna-be (and trust me, I'm no fan of Rod Stewart, so this was a shadow of an improvement). Moreover, here this song actually makes sense. The words match the thematic nature of the story. I'm not sure what ninny picked this song for the Enterprise theme, but it was so horribly wrong for that show, though perhaps it was a beacon crying out from the outset "We've lost all sense of compass. We have no creativity left. Please drive through." And so we did. I did enjoy the final episode, and really the final season, but overall, Enterprise was just a sorry excuse to continue a profitable franchise.


  • Patch Adams came marching through SF, naked, while I was living there. He was protesting the arms race... with a whole lot of other naked people.

    Because, you know, people take you a lot more seriously when you're not wearing any clothes.

    By Blogger Unknown, at 2:39 PM  

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