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Sunday, June 26, 2005

I Have Attic Stairs!

So what did I do this weekend? Go to Fair Oaks Faire? Nope. Go to the Pride Parade? Nuh-uh. Cut a hole in my ceiling and install attic stairs, plus a healthy helping of weeding the garden? Yup. Oh this homeowner's life is just very odd. But I've got stairs that make the same sounds as the stairs at the cabin in Quintette. It makes me oddly happy everytime I hear them squeak. And then I climb up them to the attic, where there is more than 6 foot clearance in the center, and 4 feet where we're going to put the walls, making a storage/sewing room 12 foot wide by 24 foot long. But that's a ways down the road. First there is electrical work to do (must get rid of the last of the knob and tube wiring. ~shudder~) and insulation to add and floors to lay and sheetrock to hang and so on and so on. But my dad seems as excited about the space as I am, so once we get through the first two items (electrical and insulation), he'll be ready to come back and help us finish it out.

After trying to melt my dad in the attic, we showered him up, gave him a big bag of broccoli from the garden, and sent him home. Rick and I headed out for supper, a trip through Home Depot, a supplementary stop at OSH, and Target. At OSH, I remembered I wanted to get some fertilizer for the trees out front. One of the trees is a picture of health. The other is hanging in there, but looks unhappy next to it's mate. So, fertilizer, some extra water, and hopefully it will be happier soon. So there we were in OSH, looking at tree fertilizer and it all comes in spikes or stakes. In our over-tired and relatively punchy state, we both raised an eyebrow at the Jobe's Tree Stake packaging. I pulled it down off the shelf, and the top of the box has a pair of pictures comparing their very manly tree stakes to other wimpier tree stakes. This is when the uncontrollable giggling started. Between that, and Rick using a grabber tool down on aisle 2 to impersonate an Andorian that made us think it was Shamu hour, and definitely time to go home and go to bed.

So we came home, patched the plaster ceiling, made a hook and eye pull for the attic stairs, vacuumed, and got ready for work tomorrow. And now, off to bed.

I just keep telling myself, I didn't buy a house. I bought a lifestyle change. It's so true, and as I stare up at my attic stairs and my patch job, I'm pretty ok with that.


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