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Thursday, June 30, 2005

Summer Has Arrived

It took til June 29th before summer arrived, but it's here. It's hot today. It didn't cool off last night for the first time I can remember. It was stuffy in the house most of the night, finally crawling under the covers around 4. I'm so glad we finished the attic stairs last weekend instead of this one.

Now we get to test our lifestyle. Is no air conditioning insane? Will the new grill be our summer stove?

Meanwhile, I'm enjoying the summer heat. It's a bit humid today. I'm working from home trying to get ready to teach Student Administration Basics on Tuesday. It's dark and warm in my home, perfect for me to sit and study. It's too warm to want to jump up and do chores, but not so warm it's uncomfortable. Just perfect for me, and a far better option than the office, which is always kept entirely too cold. Like a lizard, or the ladybugs we put in the garden last weekend, I tend to shut down at colder temperatures, sitting as still as possible, trying to conserve heat. This is not conducive to getting a lot done.


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