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Friday, July 29, 2005

Howdy Neighbor!

A few months ago, a house down the street sold. It was promptly repainted in a sunny yellow. I always wondered who moved in.

Last Saturday we were walking down the street, and we hear "Nice kilt!" coming from the front porch in a perfectly friendly sort of manner. We paused and turned around and said, "Oh hi! How do you like the new house?" Conversation was struck up, and they showed us what they'd done in the back yard, and before long we're having one of those neighborly afternoon conversations with Darren and Anastasia.

Turns out, he works for the city planning commission and they're active in the Strong Neighborhoods Initiative group. They handed us a copy of the general plan for our neighborhood, which basically involves a major transformation of 24th street, turning the end of our street into a plaza and a start of a bike trail, and exchanging all the old light industrial for new commercial retail. I love my little house, and it looks like my neighborhood is just going to be getting better.

Monday, July 25, 2005


So Saturday, with camping trip scuttled, Janelle and Frank called and said, "Hey, we've got kittens." To which I said, "Cool! Bring 'em over!" So Pixel and Dixie (Fred and Malaya's kitten) got two more to play with - Mistress Quickly and Sir Toby Belch. Toby and Dixie were just about perfectly matched for age and size, and quickly became inseparable, which gave Pixel time for a nap, and M.Q. a little time by herself. Meanwhile, Toby and Dixie spent much time tussling, chasing, biting, rolling, tumbling, running, climbing, and generally being kittens.

After a few hours we went out to dinner (and a couple hours of air conditioning) and came home to find all four cats sleepy eyed and recharged. More entertaining play ensued. Janelle and Frank (and Christyn and Brian) headed home (though Christyn and Brian were remiss in supplying extra kittens to the equation). This meant Dixie was forced to play with Pixel, who, now more rested, obliged.

I woke at 5am this morning to the sound of the two of them galloping across the house. Dixie is not so clear on boundaries yet (like stay off the counter!), so she got me out of bed by tipping a vase of flowers. Scolding left her undeterred, and she and Pixel did their best to wake up the household with plenty of rambunctious play.

At least I got to work extra early today, and get to head home now as a result. Woot!

Sunday, July 24, 2005

Having an Off Day

Clearly, I just can't get it together today. I headed up to the Fezzi rehearsal, was promptly on time, except that it was yesterday. D'oh.

Since then, I headed home, tried to get a couple of things done, and mostly just melted in a puddle on the couch. It's hot. This is the first day where it seems just too hot to move at home.

So, I shall call the electrician tomorrow morning so that I can call the insulation guys next. With insulation, the hotness would stay out better.

I'm also dreading going back to work. The past two nights I've been plagued with weird work related dreams. I keep reminding myself that I have a self-sanity plan for the office when I return:
- finish the documentation for Workflow in the next 10 workdays.
- leave at a reasonable hour
- try one final time to pin Mario on a hard cutover date and afterwards wash my hands of it forever
- try one final time to get assistance from Syscom for Worklist Manager changes
- work on revisions to all the HR Job Aids to make Workflow the primary process
- once those items are off my plate, resume job hunt in earnest, both on and off campus and do the queue.

The trouble with my being tenacious at work is that there's a big part of me that expects if I keep working at something, at some point others will join me and we'll actually get it done. I can't finish it by myself; all I can do is cheerlead, organize, prioritize, and pester, at least on the remaining items for that project. And my new work is really just babysitting the queue, now for Workflow, HR, Student, and Axess, plus an occassional training class. But the upcoming Student Records class was cancelled, and the next Basics class isn't for 2 weeks. So, in those two weeks, the focus is on documentation, and sidelining the queue as much as possible. I've got a plan, and if I stick to it, ignore Officious Guy, and keep it short and sweet, I should be able to get to a place of closure on Workflow. I'm looking forward to that. Once I feel I've done all I can, letting go will feel good. And once I'm stuck with both feet in the dead end land of Student Records, I'll feel much better about skittering my way out of there. Morale in that group is terrible, and mostly the only folks left are those who are a few years from retirement, a few months from finishing a degree, or have no skills (social or technical) that would allow them to bloom and grow outside of their corner. I don't fit in any of those categories (unless/until I decide on pursuing a Master's Degree), so I basically don't fit in the group.

This is the longest I've ever stayed with one employer, but I've finally hit the wall. I'm bored, and I'm not being challenged. Time to move on and out. I don't know yet if that means inside or outside of Stanford. It should be interesting to wait and see.

Friday, July 22, 2005

Vaction - 2 out of 3

Well, we decided the cancel the last leg of the vacation in favor of staying home for a few days. After more than 1000 miles on the car in a week, that sounds like a good idea, though I will dearly miss sharing the place with friends, paddling around Stumpy Meadows, hiking around Quintette, and lounging around the dining table over cards in the evening.

Instead, we're babysitting Fred's kitten Dixie. She and Pixel have alternated between trying to tear each others ears off and curling up for a nap together. They're very cute, and it's odd seeing Pixel as the old man in the house. Dixie is about the age he was when we first got Pixel, and she's full of energy. Pixel just stands back and stares from time to time, utterly amazed at this bundle of fluff playing with his long forgotten toys.

So tomorrow, Rick is tasked with cleaning out his office into a functional space, and I'll paint a bit I think. Today, I'm just wasting the day away, letting the kitten curl up in my lap. It's not a bad way to spend a vacation.

Thursday, July 21, 2005

Dining at Disneyland

Our first night in Disneyland, we caught up with Shawna and Sherman for dinner at Rancho del Zocalo. They are now serving very nice fish tacos that are highly reminiscent of Pescado's before they were bought by Una Mas. Yummy.

Then we had breakfast at Carnation Cafe. Though their crossaintwich is an old favorite, Oscar's Choice was very nice with yummy breakfast potatoes. It's always a joy watching all of Main Street walk by while sipping coffee.

On Tuesday we were very disappointed to find that the Blue Bayou had changed their reservation policy. In the past, you could only get same day reservatons, or stand in the stand-by line. They've recently implemented 714-781-DINE. Now, all tables are reserved and can be reserved up to 60 days in advance. They were at that point booked through the next 2 days. For Rick and I, this was no biggie. We'll be back some other time, better informed. But for the woman in front of Rick in line, she was very sad because she'd waited five years to come back. I'm really not a fan of this new policy. It's akin to having a fast pass line (that you can get fast passes to 60 days in advance) but having no standby line. It's a shame really. We popped in later in the day to see if this was really the case and was told again, "No, there is no stand-by line anymore." So I decided it was time to pop into City Hall, just to express how this may make perfect sense from a restauranteur perspective, but from a guest experience perspective, it's a very bad idea. The desk clerk was concerned and called the manager of the Blue Bayou, finding instead his boss. Daniel and Thomas came and spoke with us after ten minutes and we spent nearly an hour talking about this, plus menu design, park history, and so on. (We both think his idea of Apple Slaw on the Monte Cristo is brilliant.) Anyway, he convinced us to accept a 11:30 reservation for Wednesday, and we accepted, even though that was the farthest thing from our objective. He also said that the current policy will come up for review next year and that he'll take our perspective into consideration.

So, we had a nice lunch at the Blue Bayou before heading home, complete with Monte Cristo and Roasted Pork Loin. For anyone who says the food prices at Disneyland are outrageous, they clearly aren't from around here, or they don't eat out much. For such a nice meal with perfect wait staff and unbeathable ambiance, it would cost far more elsewhere. And after the 15% AP discount, it's a heck of a bargain.

So, the new number for Disney Dining reservations is 714-781-DINE. Use it, and I highly recommend taking a leisurely lunch at the Blue Bayou at your first opportunity. It's a huge part of the Disneyland Magic.

Other treats from our trip included fresh made caramel apples, dark chocolate Rocky Road (also fresh made on Main Street), and a yummy churro. Disney food has definitely come up in the world. I'd also heartily recommend the salads at Pizza Port.

Tuesday, July 19, 2005

I'm on Vacation!

Went to Comicon.

It was fun. There really are dorks you get up to the mike just to say, "I think you guys are just the coolest. That's all." I got a ticket to the Serenity preview on Saturday night, and sat about 8 seats away from Joss Whedon who addressed us all before the show to say, "Excluding the 2 people who have seen it before now, you are the first to see "the film"." Oh yes, it's done, and it's pretty. Very very pretty. Much more impressive, and still totally heartbreaking. The SF Browncoats charity raffle went really well. They raised something on the order of $12,000. Amazing. I also went to a panel with Ray Bradbury and asked about how he felt about predicted tech from Fahrenheit 451 coming to fruition. He said that he's uneasy about it, and really pushes for core education, making sure every child can read before leaving first grade. I'd tend to agree. His thought was that the tech can safely exist as long as our brains our turned on, but if we become the unthinking zombies described as well, then it's a deadly combination. Anyway, Con was good. There were a lot of amazing costumes, including an amazing Leia.

So then we headed from San Diego to Disneyland for Disneyland's 50th birthday.

It was really great to be there. They gave everyone a set of golden mouse ears with July 17, 2005 embroidered on the back, and also gave us all the cupcakes we could eat. No really, have a cupcake. Want another cupcake? They got kinda pushy about it around 9. I only had one. Rick had more. Anyway, it was great being there on the big day.

It was pretty mellow by 7, and we walked right onto several favorite rides. We rode the new version of Space Mountain just before closing. The track is the same, but smoother. There's new music and a nice new queue design. And the ride goes faster. Fun! There's also the new Buzz Lightyear Astro Blasters.

It's fun and interactive, getting to ride the ride and play a game at the same time. And the new fireworks show is fantastic. Anyway, from the first moment I walked up to the gates, I was instantly reminded why I love this place so much. They've moved the bag search from the park gates to the perimeter, which now allows you to pass between the two parks without a bag search in between. It's a brilliant, guest centered thing to do, and it's exactly what Disneyland is all about. There's nothing like Disneyland. From the moment you walk through the gate, I can see and feel the magic everywhere.

Anyway, it's late and there's more Disneyland tomorrow. Just thought I'd ping in, say Hi to my 3 readers (Hi Grandma!), and let everyone know I'm really happy. Tomorrow - lunch at the Blue Bayou. Wednesday - home again, home again, after much driving.

Tuesday, July 12, 2005


I need a vacation. Need. Work has been rolling over me this past year like a monster truck.

So I listened to my friends and got suckered into joining them at Comicon. This time last year, I had never been to a 'con' of any kind. This makes my fourth in a year: Browncoats Ball, Wondercon, Baycon, and now Comicon. It should be fun, and if I get totally overwhelmed, it's in beautiful San Diego, so there's lots of other things to do there. I'm really looking forward to the Joss Whedon/Serenity panel.

Comicon ends on July 17th, and then we'll be 90 minutes from Disneyland on the 50th anniversary. That's too much serendipity for me, so we'll be spending the next 3 days at Disneyland, basking in the glory of 50 years of Walt's vision.

After that, we drive home, and I finally redeem Emily's bridesmaid gift - an hour massage from Ray Greer. So Thursday evening I get massaged into a little Ammy puddle, which will be perfect after all that driving.

Finally, on Friday, I drive up to my grandparent's cabin and some of the barbarians are joining us for a weekend in the woods. The Barbarians annual camping trip was thwarted by an inabilty to get reservations anywhere, so I offered to see if we could camp up there, and sure enough, it was available, so it will be a bit less rustic than usual. Is it still a cabin if there are hot showers and a microwave? Anyway, we'll be doing our best to avoid the bear that moved in to the neighborhood last year and apparently grew over the winter.

And then, when I get back to work, I hope to be very ready to tackle
- finishing the Workflow documentation
- updating the HR job aids
- revising the SA Basics class
- contacting Syscom again to get them to do revisions on the Worklist Manager
- preparing to teach the Student Records course

Indian Food Helps Prevent Cancer!

I totally needed another reason to eat more Indian food (because it is so very yummy), and science has answered. Right then, no more guilt about going to the Indian buffet for lunch. It's good for me! (Well, except for the fat content, but oy does it taste so good!)

Jane Austen Quiz

Still, and always, a huge Jane Austen fan, and Lizzie Bennet is the best.

You scored as Elizabeth Bennet. As one of Austen's most beloved characters, Elizabeth Bennet represents what most women would like to become: strong, independent, and loyal. Of course, she has her faults including a stubborn will of iron and a clinging to first impressions. Overall, Lizzie is bright and lovable...something to admire and aspire to.

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Which Jane Austen Character are You?
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Monday, July 11, 2005

New Tires

Also got new tires last week, and had the gang at Pep Boys on Story Road (who installed the tires) check my wheel cylinder. They were going to fix it for less than half the cost of the dealer, but once they had it all prepped, the brought me out to show me it wasn't leaking at all. I will be sending a strongly worded letter to the Saturn folks, and I'll also be returning to Pep Boys. Their service was a bit slowish at the counter, but they were johnny-on-the-spot in the garage bays. So with four new tires and no additional car repair work left to do, I was off and on my way, ready to head to San Diego. Wheeeee!

Sunday, July 10, 2005

Weekend Mini-Break

Well, Friday pulled together. The interview went fine, but honestly, I think they should go with someone with more reporting/query skills. It's going to be their primary need. So that leaves me waiting and hoping for a call from Google. It's still the best, most interesting fit for me. Something interesting that came out of the interview was a sense that I really haven't felt pushed to learn more and stretch for too long. I really want to stretch out, but after some serious consideration, i'm not dead set on leaving, so much as either leaving, or finding a way to stretch within my position, probably meaning getting started on a Master's degree.

I came home, prepped dinner (turkey filets, marinated in apple and cranberry juice with garlic and salt and fresh rosemary, plus corn, plus broccoli with cumin, chili flakes, garlic, pinch of sugar, pinch of salt), and waited for Janelle to arrive. Rick finished prepping a space for Caliban. We placed him gently and covered him, capping off with some bricks. Janelle wanted to head home to be with Calypso, so we sent her on her way just as Kerry and Michelle arrived.

Back at Corinne's birthday party in June, we picked out a date to get together. It actually worked. Rather than seeing them once a year or so and talking the night away, we actually got together. We gave them the house tour, started catching up, made dinner, and whoa! Suddenly it was midnight as we finished our meal. So we called Christyn to see if they were still having a party, and they said, "Come over!" So we did, and spent a bit more than an hour there, then headed back all five blocks. More talk talk talk ensued, and then around 4 we all went to bed.

We rose several hours later while it was still technically morning and headed to Hobee's Pruneyard for yummy breakfast. This was followed by browsing the tea shop, the pretty dress shop, and the bookstore, getting a quick haircut for Kerry while we wandered through Ross (and I got the cutest little plaid skirt!). Finally, home again, we showed them the first episode of Firefly. They were instantly hooked. We watched several episodes, with bits of fun like the trailer for Kerry's movie and also saw the trailer to Rent, the last major movie that Kerry worked on. I didn't know it was even being made. Last I'd heard, it had been shelved. Not only is it not shelved, it's coming out in November, and it's starring almost entirely the original Broadway cast. I can't wait! Anyway, they were totally hooked on Firefly and we ended up watching episodes until 3am, getting all the way through "Our Mrs. Reynolds".

Rick had to get up and go to deal with server in the morning. Cyrus came over and they headed off to work. We slept in and got up around 11 for crepes with ham, cheese, and mushrooms, plus nectarines and really good coffee. After breakfast, we got cleaned up, cleaned the kitchen, stripped the bed, remade it, and with much hugs and kisses, sent Kerry and Michelle back to San Francisco. I think they'll remember their happy weekend at Ammy's House of Decadance for a good long time. Also, it looks like Michelle will be coming back to Fezziwig's this year too. Yay!

I headed on to Kevin's birthday party. They'd picked up a bunch of fun toys - paper planes, mini-Magic 8 balls, Wooly Willy, foam put-together planes. Plus there was a pinata. We ran Kevin past the pinata first, then gave Crystal a chance to whack, followed by me. Meanwhile, as I was whacking at it, Kevin was controlling the pull string. His cell phone rang and he actually answered it while pulling the pinata up and down. When I realized that yes, in fact, he was on the phone, I whacked the pinata with a renewed vigor. Still, it was not enough to slay the dragon. That took Ali's swing. The pinata exploded in a shower of super bouncy balls. The back yard then proceeded to become a playground of superballs and foam planes, with small attack patterns happening. It was good, silly fun, especially for a bunch of thirty-somethings. After spending all of our energy, we went to see Kevin's present in action - a new remote controlled plane. Sadly, the battery was not fully charged, so it was a short flight. We headed on our merry way home, having gone to Kev's with no presents in hand (just couldn't find anything right), but Kevin sent me home with his old DVD-R. Since he has the Tivo Humax, the DVD-R needed a home. I'm looking forward to burning a couple of saved items off the Tivo, especially the opening to the Summer Olympics last year.

Now at bed time, with laundry turning in the other room, I'm watching the "Fear Itself" episode of Buffy, and thinking that that was an awfully nice weekend. I feel much refreshed, like I've just come back from vacation. Funny thing is, I leave for vacation on Thursday. Go figure.

Friday, July 08, 2005

Fast Forward Friday

For weeks, we had one thing planned for this Friday - finally spending some time with Kerry and Michelle. Until the middle of this week, that was still true. Now I've got a job interview at 4 with Research Compliance (to continue working on the eProtocol system), lunch with Shauna at 1, Kerry and Michelle coming down to spend the night, Christyn and Brian's First Night gathering at their new house, and then sadly we got a call at eleven last night, and Frank and Janelle's cat Caliban, whom we have kitty-sat many times, who is the sweetest little angel kitty, who is the cat who convinced Rick that having a cat again would be okay, he passed away last night. The worst part is that Frank is away on business, so Janelle is having to face this alone. We offered to let her bury him in our yard, because surrendering him to a shelter for cremation is too much to bear. His little life was far too short. It's going to be a wild day, full of stress and tears, and hopefully a little joy. Right now I've got to get geared up to tackle the queue. Once through before lunch. Once through after lunch. Then a job interview. Then decide whether I need to come back to the office. Then on to the evening, which I have no idea how it's going to balance. I'm really sad about Caliban, and heartbroken for Frank and Janelle. He was one of those great cats with a mighty purr and a big love of snuggling, but with just enough wildcat in him to keep him interesting. Their other little kitty, Calypso, is going to be very lonely now.

And then Athena invited us to go see Fantastic Four tonight. Four days ago, I might've considered squeezing that in, but not now. Tonight I'm looking forward to going home and snuggling Pixel like crazy.

Thursday, July 07, 2005

Kitten to a Good Home

Suzanne's rescue kitten went home with Fred and Malaya last night. We kept trying to convince them to leave her with us for a few days, but Malaya was having none of it. I guess it's really no fair for us to hog all the kitten cuteness at our house, but I think Pixel was starting to really enjoy the kitten.

Initially, he was looking at her like she was a space alien. She was busy playing, running under spaces Pixel can't possibly get to anymore and retrieving his toys. Then she discovered the dangling mouse toy and went at it. Pixel just watched for the first hour or so. He kept following her around, but sitting with a little distance. He wanted to sniff her, but she was very busy and not especially interested in him. Pixel has never really been around a) a kitten (other than himself), and b) a female cat, so this was all new for him. After an hour of careful study, he decided she was worth playing with and they started bounding around the house together. After a half hour of that, it was time for her to go home to San Leandro. We're hoping Fred will bring her back to play with Pixel during the day sometime next week. Since he's working in San Jose, that would be pretty easy.

She reminded us so much of him a few months ago, and it was really odd to see him as the older, more mature cat in the situation. I think Fred and Malaya have a real cutie on their hands.

Tuesday, July 05, 2005

SA Basics

Survived teaching SA Basics. I'm looking forward to revising the class and adding my style. I managed to get through the class in two and a half hours, an hour and a half ahead of schedule. The class seemed to be keeping up perfectly, but it surprised Sarah, who usually teaches it and was there as a safety net today. I'm not sure why it went so quickly, but I do know that when I took it, it really seemed to drag. I also want to add in what is currently Module 9 in the book, which is not currently taught.

Meanwhile, I just got officially asked to help on the HR queue again. This is a Good Thing for several reasons. It means I can cover Jo-Ann, which is especially important at the end of the pay period, and it means she can have a sick or vacation day. For me, it means I stay sharp on the HR side, which I really prefer. Also, they're looking at outsourcing the HelpSU queues to InfoSys, our off-shore partner. That would be... interesting. But if it means we'd get to spend more time actually doing things like revising the course materials and creating valuable job aids and such, that might be okay.

Full Circle

Fred decided to spend the night over tonight. I'm having a moment of the circle of life. 10 years ago, I was going to be moving from Sacramento to San Jose to start a new job at Pinpoint. Finding myself completely unable to sleep at home in Sacramento, I got up around 11, and called Fred, asking if I could possibly come in if I drove down now. My original plan of getting up at 5 just wouldn't work for me with the unpredictability of traffic and my night owl nature. Fred assured me it'd be no problem, that it was likely he'd still be up. With a sigh of relief, I jumped in the car and headed out. I got a good night's sleep, and had 10 minutes to drive to the new job in the morning.

So Fred starts at eBay tomorrow. He has to be there at 8:15, and he wasn't sure about traffic or how long it would take from his new place in San Leandro. We talked him into spending the night, and then talked him into it again after he went home to find an ant attack, assuring him that, no, we'd still be up when he got here. So, he just walked in, we're enjoying the rest of an episode of Scientific American Frontiers, and then all heading to bed, pretty much right where we started ten years ago, only now with Pixel, and Tivo, and better jobs, and new homes, and both of us in happy relationships. Life is pretty good right now.

Friday, July 01, 2005

Brain Spew!

I awoke with a jolt this morning. Sandra Day O'Connor retired. We're screwed. That's very likely 2 Supremes that Bush gets to appoint, and one right now. I'm sure the religious right is just chortling with glee this morning.

I painted one wall of the dining room last night. I had two spots on the wall for a paint test. Very glad I did the paint test - the one we were leaning toward was way too dark. Rick picked up a can of the other color on the way home. I can live with paint splotches on my wall for about a week, but after that, I needed to fix it up. So I started painting around 10pm last night, finished around midnight. It looks pretty good. Next step - take down the ceiling spray in that room, then paint the other walls.

My patch job on the ceiling in the bedroom looks good. Now I'm ready to paint that too. They make this cool ceiling paint that goes on violet but then turns white so that you can tell from the floor where you've painted and where you've missed and when it's dry so that you can put on a second coat. Very cool. Looks like there's a lot of painting in my near future. I also want to repaint the bathroom. We had to patch the wall in there, so there's one white spot and the rest is a sort of odd fleshy color. I'm thinking a purple would be good. We'll see.

In the winter, there was this cute little mother/daughter cat pair that used to hang out in our yard. They look like identical copies of one another, one just smaller. They are definitely strays. Mom is very skittish. Daughter is less so, but still not interested in being approached. They're street cats, but they're doing pretty well. They're both really good hunters, and they seem to keep the local mice population down nicely. So, we don't bother them. After a while, mom seemed to have wandered off, but the kitten was still hanging around, and starting to look a bit thinner. So, we decided to give her a can of food that Pixel wouldn't eat. She's stayed around. She's our yard kitty. We call her Lexi (as in, almost the opposite of Pixel). Anyway, since the occassional feedings started, Lexi's mom has been back too, and so has a friend of theirs, a short haired grey cat. There's also a scragly looking long hair that has been coming around and occasionally stealing their food and running them off. We've been actively shooing him away, but last night we caught him peeing near the door and fussing at Pixel. Bad kitty. So now we're trying to arrange to get our local threesome picked up and neutered and released and the long hair picked up in general. He doesn't look well, and we really don't want him hurting Lexi or her mom. Anyway, Lexi and Pixel have been making friends through the screen door. Other people talk about their cats being territorial and grumpy when other cats are around. Clearly, all Pixel is thinking is, "Oooh! Play?"

Speaking of kittens, Suzanne rescued a kitten recently. It was living next door, and wandered into her yard one day where she discovered it had cigarette burns on its belly. (How could anyone do that?!?!?!) She's going to bring the kitten over for a play date with Pixel next week. Her two older cats aren't getting along with the new kiteen, so we may foster her for a little while until 1) Fred decides he wants a kitten, or 2) Christyn and Brian move in and fall in love with her, or 3) someone else decides they need a really cute, very loving kitten.

Justin and Monica are coming down tomorrow. They're the first friends of ours to come visit from Sacramento. They win a prize for this. Looks like the prize is two tickets to Thunderbabe, Fred's latest show. It's up in Alameda, so I'm trying to decide if Saturday night is better, or if we should go to the Sunday matinee and use it as an excuse for Ole's. We'll discuss with Justin and Monica.

Started watching Joan of Arcadia via Netflix. This show is grabbing me much more than Farscape. Farscape is entertaining, but it doesn't thrill me. Joan seems more thoughtful. Well, at least that's my one episode impression.

The other thing we're enjoying currently is the new show 30 Days. So far, the 30 days on minimum wage was very good, and the one with the guy living as a muslim for 30 days was fascinating from the point of view of his ignorance. I guess my level of interest in comparitive religion is unusual, but one thing that's always fascinated me is that for 3 religions (Judaism, Christianity, and Islam) that share so much in common, how willing their followers are to fight to the death for the differences. It's a shame. But let's not get me started on that tirade again...

I start teaching the SA Basics course on Tuesday. It's going to be a very busy day. I don't really like the design of the course. I've got a bunch of simple redesign ideas that I can implement for the fall. In the meantime, at least this gets me back to the classroom.

It's a slow day here. Everyone has left early for the holiday. Tickets keep coming in though so I'm working. But I took time out to repot my plants. They'd all outgrown their pots ages ago. Now maybe they'll start looking healthier. As I was doing it, I wondered if it was just that I'd outgrown this pot that I'm in here at Stanford. We'll see. Hoping to hear back from Google next week. Meanwhile, I've got inquiries from a bunch of other places. Updating my resume on was a good thing to do. Sure, lots of junk, but also an inquiry from Accenture, Kaiser, and Verity. Hmmm....