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Friday, July 01, 2005

Brain Spew!

I awoke with a jolt this morning. Sandra Day O'Connor retired. We're screwed. That's very likely 2 Supremes that Bush gets to appoint, and one right now. I'm sure the religious right is just chortling with glee this morning.

I painted one wall of the dining room last night. I had two spots on the wall for a paint test. Very glad I did the paint test - the one we were leaning toward was way too dark. Rick picked up a can of the other color on the way home. I can live with paint splotches on my wall for about a week, but after that, I needed to fix it up. So I started painting around 10pm last night, finished around midnight. It looks pretty good. Next step - take down the ceiling spray in that room, then paint the other walls.

My patch job on the ceiling in the bedroom looks good. Now I'm ready to paint that too. They make this cool ceiling paint that goes on violet but then turns white so that you can tell from the floor where you've painted and where you've missed and when it's dry so that you can put on a second coat. Very cool. Looks like there's a lot of painting in my near future. I also want to repaint the bathroom. We had to patch the wall in there, so there's one white spot and the rest is a sort of odd fleshy color. I'm thinking a purple would be good. We'll see.

In the winter, there was this cute little mother/daughter cat pair that used to hang out in our yard. They look like identical copies of one another, one just smaller. They are definitely strays. Mom is very skittish. Daughter is less so, but still not interested in being approached. They're street cats, but they're doing pretty well. They're both really good hunters, and they seem to keep the local mice population down nicely. So, we don't bother them. After a while, mom seemed to have wandered off, but the kitten was still hanging around, and starting to look a bit thinner. So, we decided to give her a can of food that Pixel wouldn't eat. She's stayed around. She's our yard kitty. We call her Lexi (as in, almost the opposite of Pixel). Anyway, since the occassional feedings started, Lexi's mom has been back too, and so has a friend of theirs, a short haired grey cat. There's also a scragly looking long hair that has been coming around and occasionally stealing their food and running them off. We've been actively shooing him away, but last night we caught him peeing near the door and fussing at Pixel. Bad kitty. So now we're trying to arrange to get our local threesome picked up and neutered and released and the long hair picked up in general. He doesn't look well, and we really don't want him hurting Lexi or her mom. Anyway, Lexi and Pixel have been making friends through the screen door. Other people talk about their cats being territorial and grumpy when other cats are around. Clearly, all Pixel is thinking is, "Oooh! Play?"

Speaking of kittens, Suzanne rescued a kitten recently. It was living next door, and wandered into her yard one day where she discovered it had cigarette burns on its belly. (How could anyone do that?!?!?!) She's going to bring the kitten over for a play date with Pixel next week. Her two older cats aren't getting along with the new kiteen, so we may foster her for a little while until 1) Fred decides he wants a kitten, or 2) Christyn and Brian move in and fall in love with her, or 3) someone else decides they need a really cute, very loving kitten.

Justin and Monica are coming down tomorrow. They're the first friends of ours to come visit from Sacramento. They win a prize for this. Looks like the prize is two tickets to Thunderbabe, Fred's latest show. It's up in Alameda, so I'm trying to decide if Saturday night is better, or if we should go to the Sunday matinee and use it as an excuse for Ole's. We'll discuss with Justin and Monica.

Started watching Joan of Arcadia via Netflix. This show is grabbing me much more than Farscape. Farscape is entertaining, but it doesn't thrill me. Joan seems more thoughtful. Well, at least that's my one episode impression.

The other thing we're enjoying currently is the new show 30 Days. So far, the 30 days on minimum wage was very good, and the one with the guy living as a muslim for 30 days was fascinating from the point of view of his ignorance. I guess my level of interest in comparitive religion is unusual, but one thing that's always fascinated me is that for 3 religions (Judaism, Christianity, and Islam) that share so much in common, how willing their followers are to fight to the death for the differences. It's a shame. But let's not get me started on that tirade again...

I start teaching the SA Basics course on Tuesday. It's going to be a very busy day. I don't really like the design of the course. I've got a bunch of simple redesign ideas that I can implement for the fall. In the meantime, at least this gets me back to the classroom.

It's a slow day here. Everyone has left early for the holiday. Tickets keep coming in though so I'm working. But I took time out to repot my plants. They'd all outgrown their pots ages ago. Now maybe they'll start looking healthier. As I was doing it, I wondered if it was just that I'd outgrown this pot that I'm in here at Stanford. We'll see. Hoping to hear back from Google next week. Meanwhile, I've got inquiries from a bunch of other places. Updating my resume on was a good thing to do. Sure, lots of junk, but also an inquiry from Accenture, Kaiser, and Verity. Hmmm....


  • The more you dig in to Occidental religious history the more twisted the differences become, as well. I don't know that I'd call it silly, but it certainly isn't sane.

    Remind me to give you A History of God when it comes back to my bookshelf - or pick up a copy if you like - it's very much worth reading as a basic (and only moderately biased) broad view of Western religious history.

    By Blogger Unknown, at 11:52 PM  

  • Here's a post from DailyKos on things you can do right now in preparation for what's likely to be a big fight over the next Supreme Court Justice

    By Blogger Chris S, at 2:47 AM  

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