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Friday, July 08, 2005

Fast Forward Friday

For weeks, we had one thing planned for this Friday - finally spending some time with Kerry and Michelle. Until the middle of this week, that was still true. Now I've got a job interview at 4 with Research Compliance (to continue working on the eProtocol system), lunch with Shauna at 1, Kerry and Michelle coming down to spend the night, Christyn and Brian's First Night gathering at their new house, and then sadly we got a call at eleven last night, and Frank and Janelle's cat Caliban, whom we have kitty-sat many times, who is the sweetest little angel kitty, who is the cat who convinced Rick that having a cat again would be okay, he passed away last night. The worst part is that Frank is away on business, so Janelle is having to face this alone. We offered to let her bury him in our yard, because surrendering him to a shelter for cremation is too much to bear. His little life was far too short. It's going to be a wild day, full of stress and tears, and hopefully a little joy. Right now I've got to get geared up to tackle the queue. Once through before lunch. Once through after lunch. Then a job interview. Then decide whether I need to come back to the office. Then on to the evening, which I have no idea how it's going to balance. I'm really sad about Caliban, and heartbroken for Frank and Janelle. He was one of those great cats with a mighty purr and a big love of snuggling, but with just enough wildcat in him to keep him interesting. Their other little kitty, Calypso, is going to be very lonely now.

And then Athena invited us to go see Fantastic Four tonight. Four days ago, I might've considered squeezing that in, but not now. Tonight I'm looking forward to going home and snuggling Pixel like crazy.


  • Did I mention how cool you and Rick are? Did I? I'm sure I did, but I'll have to do it a few more times. A minute. All year.

    Thank you.

    By Blogger Flonkbob, at 2:38 PM  

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