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Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Full Circle

Fred decided to spend the night over tonight. I'm having a moment of the circle of life. 10 years ago, I was going to be moving from Sacramento to San Jose to start a new job at Pinpoint. Finding myself completely unable to sleep at home in Sacramento, I got up around 11, and called Fred, asking if I could possibly come in if I drove down now. My original plan of getting up at 5 just wouldn't work for me with the unpredictability of traffic and my night owl nature. Fred assured me it'd be no problem, that it was likely he'd still be up. With a sigh of relief, I jumped in the car and headed out. I got a good night's sleep, and had 10 minutes to drive to the new job in the morning.

So Fred starts at eBay tomorrow. He has to be there at 8:15, and he wasn't sure about traffic or how long it would take from his new place in San Leandro. We talked him into spending the night, and then talked him into it again after he went home to find an ant attack, assuring him that, no, we'd still be up when he got here. So, he just walked in, we're enjoying the rest of an episode of Scientific American Frontiers, and then all heading to bed, pretty much right where we started ten years ago, only now with Pixel, and Tivo, and better jobs, and new homes, and both of us in happy relationships. Life is pretty good right now.


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