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Sunday, July 24, 2005

Having an Off Day

Clearly, I just can't get it together today. I headed up to the Fezzi rehearsal, was promptly on time, except that it was yesterday. D'oh.

Since then, I headed home, tried to get a couple of things done, and mostly just melted in a puddle on the couch. It's hot. This is the first day where it seems just too hot to move at home.

So, I shall call the electrician tomorrow morning so that I can call the insulation guys next. With insulation, the hotness would stay out better.

I'm also dreading going back to work. The past two nights I've been plagued with weird work related dreams. I keep reminding myself that I have a self-sanity plan for the office when I return:
- finish the documentation for Workflow in the next 10 workdays.
- leave at a reasonable hour
- try one final time to pin Mario on a hard cutover date and afterwards wash my hands of it forever
- try one final time to get assistance from Syscom for Worklist Manager changes
- work on revisions to all the HR Job Aids to make Workflow the primary process
- once those items are off my plate, resume job hunt in earnest, both on and off campus and do the queue.

The trouble with my being tenacious at work is that there's a big part of me that expects if I keep working at something, at some point others will join me and we'll actually get it done. I can't finish it by myself; all I can do is cheerlead, organize, prioritize, and pester, at least on the remaining items for that project. And my new work is really just babysitting the queue, now for Workflow, HR, Student, and Axess, plus an occassional training class. But the upcoming Student Records class was cancelled, and the next Basics class isn't for 2 weeks. So, in those two weeks, the focus is on documentation, and sidelining the queue as much as possible. I've got a plan, and if I stick to it, ignore Officious Guy, and keep it short and sweet, I should be able to get to a place of closure on Workflow. I'm looking forward to that. Once I feel I've done all I can, letting go will feel good. And once I'm stuck with both feet in the dead end land of Student Records, I'll feel much better about skittering my way out of there. Morale in that group is terrible, and mostly the only folks left are those who are a few years from retirement, a few months from finishing a degree, or have no skills (social or technical) that would allow them to bloom and grow outside of their corner. I don't fit in any of those categories (unless/until I decide on pursuing a Master's Degree), so I basically don't fit in the group.

This is the longest I've ever stayed with one employer, but I've finally hit the wall. I'm bored, and I'm not being challenged. Time to move on and out. I don't know yet if that means inside or outside of Stanford. It should be interesting to wait and see.


  • Well, we missed you at Fezzi practice. It was a small turnout Saturday. We had at most 20 people and some only stayed for part of it. It was quite warm. A bunch of us went to Tucker's ice cream shop afterwards .

    By Blogger Chris S, at 10:48 PM  

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