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Friday, July 29, 2005

Howdy Neighbor!

A few months ago, a house down the street sold. It was promptly repainted in a sunny yellow. I always wondered who moved in.

Last Saturday we were walking down the street, and we hear "Nice kilt!" coming from the front porch in a perfectly friendly sort of manner. We paused and turned around and said, "Oh hi! How do you like the new house?" Conversation was struck up, and they showed us what they'd done in the back yard, and before long we're having one of those neighborly afternoon conversations with Darren and Anastasia.

Turns out, he works for the city planning commission and they're active in the Strong Neighborhoods Initiative group. They handed us a copy of the general plan for our neighborhood, which basically involves a major transformation of 24th street, turning the end of our street into a plaza and a start of a bike trail, and exchanging all the old light industrial for new commercial retail. I love my little house, and it looks like my neighborhood is just going to be getting better.


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