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Tuesday, July 19, 2005

I'm on Vacation!

Went to Comicon.

It was fun. There really are dorks you get up to the mike just to say, "I think you guys are just the coolest. That's all." I got a ticket to the Serenity preview on Saturday night, and sat about 8 seats away from Joss Whedon who addressed us all before the show to say, "Excluding the 2 people who have seen it before now, you are the first to see "the film"." Oh yes, it's done, and it's pretty. Very very pretty. Much more impressive, and still totally heartbreaking. The SF Browncoats charity raffle went really well. They raised something on the order of $12,000. Amazing. I also went to a panel with Ray Bradbury and asked about how he felt about predicted tech from Fahrenheit 451 coming to fruition. He said that he's uneasy about it, and really pushes for core education, making sure every child can read before leaving first grade. I'd tend to agree. His thought was that the tech can safely exist as long as our brains our turned on, but if we become the unthinking zombies described as well, then it's a deadly combination. Anyway, Con was good. There were a lot of amazing costumes, including an amazing Leia.

So then we headed from San Diego to Disneyland for Disneyland's 50th birthday.

It was really great to be there. They gave everyone a set of golden mouse ears with July 17, 2005 embroidered on the back, and also gave us all the cupcakes we could eat. No really, have a cupcake. Want another cupcake? They got kinda pushy about it around 9. I only had one. Rick had more. Anyway, it was great being there on the big day.

It was pretty mellow by 7, and we walked right onto several favorite rides. We rode the new version of Space Mountain just before closing. The track is the same, but smoother. There's new music and a nice new queue design. And the ride goes faster. Fun! There's also the new Buzz Lightyear Astro Blasters.

It's fun and interactive, getting to ride the ride and play a game at the same time. And the new fireworks show is fantastic. Anyway, from the first moment I walked up to the gates, I was instantly reminded why I love this place so much. They've moved the bag search from the park gates to the perimeter, which now allows you to pass between the two parks without a bag search in between. It's a brilliant, guest centered thing to do, and it's exactly what Disneyland is all about. There's nothing like Disneyland. From the moment you walk through the gate, I can see and feel the magic everywhere.

Anyway, it's late and there's more Disneyland tomorrow. Just thought I'd ping in, say Hi to my 3 readers (Hi Grandma!), and let everyone know I'm really happy. Tomorrow - lunch at the Blue Bayou. Wednesday - home again, home again, after much driving.


  • Those ears rock! (so does what you're wearing, btw)

    You know I've never been much of a Disneylandfan... I think I need to go with you and Rick so I can see it with a new POV. :)

    By Blogger Flonkbob, at 3:39 PM  

  • I heard from Jason W. that he saw you at the Con. It's a small world, after all.

    I agree with Flonk, I need to experience Disneyland with someone who can help me appreciate it. Last time I was there, I couldn't wait to leave.

    By Blogger Matt, at 5:45 AM  

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