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Monday, July 25, 2005


So Saturday, with camping trip scuttled, Janelle and Frank called and said, "Hey, we've got kittens." To which I said, "Cool! Bring 'em over!" So Pixel and Dixie (Fred and Malaya's kitten) got two more to play with - Mistress Quickly and Sir Toby Belch. Toby and Dixie were just about perfectly matched for age and size, and quickly became inseparable, which gave Pixel time for a nap, and M.Q. a little time by herself. Meanwhile, Toby and Dixie spent much time tussling, chasing, biting, rolling, tumbling, running, climbing, and generally being kittens.

After a few hours we went out to dinner (and a couple hours of air conditioning) and came home to find all four cats sleepy eyed and recharged. More entertaining play ensued. Janelle and Frank (and Christyn and Brian) headed home (though Christyn and Brian were remiss in supplying extra kittens to the equation). This meant Dixie was forced to play with Pixel, who, now more rested, obliged.

I woke at 5am this morning to the sound of the two of them galloping across the house. Dixie is not so clear on boundaries yet (like stay off the counter!), so she got me out of bed by tipping a vase of flowers. Scolding left her undeterred, and she and Pixel did their best to wake up the household with plenty of rambunctious play.

At least I got to work extra early today, and get to head home now as a result. Woot!


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