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Thursday, July 07, 2005

Kitten to a Good Home

Suzanne's rescue kitten went home with Fred and Malaya last night. We kept trying to convince them to leave her with us for a few days, but Malaya was having none of it. I guess it's really no fair for us to hog all the kitten cuteness at our house, but I think Pixel was starting to really enjoy the kitten.

Initially, he was looking at her like she was a space alien. She was busy playing, running under spaces Pixel can't possibly get to anymore and retrieving his toys. Then she discovered the dangling mouse toy and went at it. Pixel just watched for the first hour or so. He kept following her around, but sitting with a little distance. He wanted to sniff her, but she was very busy and not especially interested in him. Pixel has never really been around a) a kitten (other than himself), and b) a female cat, so this was all new for him. After an hour of careful study, he decided she was worth playing with and they started bounding around the house together. After a half hour of that, it was time for her to go home to San Leandro. We're hoping Fred will bring her back to play with Pixel during the day sometime next week. Since he's working in San Jose, that would be pretty easy.

She reminded us so much of him a few months ago, and it was really odd to see him as the older, more mature cat in the situation. I think Fred and Malaya have a real cutie on their hands.


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