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Tuesday, July 05, 2005

SA Basics

Survived teaching SA Basics. I'm looking forward to revising the class and adding my style. I managed to get through the class in two and a half hours, an hour and a half ahead of schedule. The class seemed to be keeping up perfectly, but it surprised Sarah, who usually teaches it and was there as a safety net today. I'm not sure why it went so quickly, but I do know that when I took it, it really seemed to drag. I also want to add in what is currently Module 9 in the book, which is not currently taught.

Meanwhile, I just got officially asked to help on the HR queue again. This is a Good Thing for several reasons. It means I can cover Jo-Ann, which is especially important at the end of the pay period, and it means she can have a sick or vacation day. For me, it means I stay sharp on the HR side, which I really prefer. Also, they're looking at outsourcing the HelpSU queues to InfoSys, our off-shore partner. That would be... interesting. But if it means we'd get to spend more time actually doing things like revising the course materials and creating valuable job aids and such, that might be okay.


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