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Tuesday, July 12, 2005


I need a vacation. Need. Work has been rolling over me this past year like a monster truck.

So I listened to my friends and got suckered into joining them at Comicon. This time last year, I had never been to a 'con' of any kind. This makes my fourth in a year: Browncoats Ball, Wondercon, Baycon, and now Comicon. It should be fun, and if I get totally overwhelmed, it's in beautiful San Diego, so there's lots of other things to do there. I'm really looking forward to the Joss Whedon/Serenity panel.

Comicon ends on July 17th, and then we'll be 90 minutes from Disneyland on the 50th anniversary. That's too much serendipity for me, so we'll be spending the next 3 days at Disneyland, basking in the glory of 50 years of Walt's vision.

After that, we drive home, and I finally redeem Emily's bridesmaid gift - an hour massage from Ray Greer. So Thursday evening I get massaged into a little Ammy puddle, which will be perfect after all that driving.

Finally, on Friday, I drive up to my grandparent's cabin and some of the barbarians are joining us for a weekend in the woods. The Barbarians annual camping trip was thwarted by an inabilty to get reservations anywhere, so I offered to see if we could camp up there, and sure enough, it was available, so it will be a bit less rustic than usual. Is it still a cabin if there are hot showers and a microwave? Anyway, we'll be doing our best to avoid the bear that moved in to the neighborhood last year and apparently grew over the winter.

And then, when I get back to work, I hope to be very ready to tackle
- finishing the Workflow documentation
- updating the HR job aids
- revising the SA Basics class
- contacting Syscom again to get them to do revisions on the Worklist Manager
- preparing to teach the Student Records course


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