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Sunday, July 10, 2005

Weekend Mini-Break

Well, Friday pulled together. The interview went fine, but honestly, I think they should go with someone with more reporting/query skills. It's going to be their primary need. So that leaves me waiting and hoping for a call from Google. It's still the best, most interesting fit for me. Something interesting that came out of the interview was a sense that I really haven't felt pushed to learn more and stretch for too long. I really want to stretch out, but after some serious consideration, i'm not dead set on leaving, so much as either leaving, or finding a way to stretch within my position, probably meaning getting started on a Master's degree.

I came home, prepped dinner (turkey filets, marinated in apple and cranberry juice with garlic and salt and fresh rosemary, plus corn, plus broccoli with cumin, chili flakes, garlic, pinch of sugar, pinch of salt), and waited for Janelle to arrive. Rick finished prepping a space for Caliban. We placed him gently and covered him, capping off with some bricks. Janelle wanted to head home to be with Calypso, so we sent her on her way just as Kerry and Michelle arrived.

Back at Corinne's birthday party in June, we picked out a date to get together. It actually worked. Rather than seeing them once a year or so and talking the night away, we actually got together. We gave them the house tour, started catching up, made dinner, and whoa! Suddenly it was midnight as we finished our meal. So we called Christyn to see if they were still having a party, and they said, "Come over!" So we did, and spent a bit more than an hour there, then headed back all five blocks. More talk talk talk ensued, and then around 4 we all went to bed.

We rose several hours later while it was still technically morning and headed to Hobee's Pruneyard for yummy breakfast. This was followed by browsing the tea shop, the pretty dress shop, and the bookstore, getting a quick haircut for Kerry while we wandered through Ross (and I got the cutest little plaid skirt!). Finally, home again, we showed them the first episode of Firefly. They were instantly hooked. We watched several episodes, with bits of fun like the trailer for Kerry's movie and also saw the trailer to Rent, the last major movie that Kerry worked on. I didn't know it was even being made. Last I'd heard, it had been shelved. Not only is it not shelved, it's coming out in November, and it's starring almost entirely the original Broadway cast. I can't wait! Anyway, they were totally hooked on Firefly and we ended up watching episodes until 3am, getting all the way through "Our Mrs. Reynolds".

Rick had to get up and go to deal with server in the morning. Cyrus came over and they headed off to work. We slept in and got up around 11 for crepes with ham, cheese, and mushrooms, plus nectarines and really good coffee. After breakfast, we got cleaned up, cleaned the kitchen, stripped the bed, remade it, and with much hugs and kisses, sent Kerry and Michelle back to San Francisco. I think they'll remember their happy weekend at Ammy's House of Decadance for a good long time. Also, it looks like Michelle will be coming back to Fezziwig's this year too. Yay!

I headed on to Kevin's birthday party. They'd picked up a bunch of fun toys - paper planes, mini-Magic 8 balls, Wooly Willy, foam put-together planes. Plus there was a pinata. We ran Kevin past the pinata first, then gave Crystal a chance to whack, followed by me. Meanwhile, as I was whacking at it, Kevin was controlling the pull string. His cell phone rang and he actually answered it while pulling the pinata up and down. When I realized that yes, in fact, he was on the phone, I whacked the pinata with a renewed vigor. Still, it was not enough to slay the dragon. That took Ali's swing. The pinata exploded in a shower of super bouncy balls. The back yard then proceeded to become a playground of superballs and foam planes, with small attack patterns happening. It was good, silly fun, especially for a bunch of thirty-somethings. After spending all of our energy, we went to see Kevin's present in action - a new remote controlled plane. Sadly, the battery was not fully charged, so it was a short flight. We headed on our merry way home, having gone to Kev's with no presents in hand (just couldn't find anything right), but Kevin sent me home with his old DVD-R. Since he has the Tivo Humax, the DVD-R needed a home. I'm looking forward to burning a couple of saved items off the Tivo, especially the opening to the Summer Olympics last year.

Now at bed time, with laundry turning in the other room, I'm watching the "Fear Itself" episode of Buffy, and thinking that that was an awfully nice weekend. I feel much refreshed, like I've just come back from vacation. Funny thing is, I leave for vacation on Thursday. Go figure.


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