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Monday, August 08, 2005

Closet Organizers

Rick has been bemoaning the state of the closet in the bedroom since we arrived, saying it's not usable in its oridinary configuration - one long closet pole with a shelf above it. Last weekend he declared he was going to put in a closet organizer on Sunday. Last Sunday, we went shopping, and while I didn't think any of this was necessary, I went along for the ride. Once we started looking, I started thinking maybe it wasn't such a bad idea. We found one interesting design at Home Depot, but it came in a titanium finish and we wanted white, so we made a pilgrimage up to Lowe's in Fremont. That was totally unsuccessful, and on the way home, we blew threw the horror that is WalMart on a Sunday. Oddly enough, in their pathetic and paltry closet organization section, they seemed to have just the right thing for our closet. It's a cubby hole tower with poles on either side. In our closet, two of these containers became two floor to ceiling cubby hole containers, double poles through the center, and a single pole for hanging long things on each end. We got it all installed before taking a dinner break with Ari.

The dinner break introduced us to the yummy barbecue place across the street from her current place in Los Gatos. Being the decadent souls we are, we hopped next door to Crimson for dessert. With full bellys and warm hearts, we headed home to reload our closet.

The reload was very successful. I now have cubby holes full of trousers and overalls and sweaters. I have a daily wear section and a spot for dresses and long skirts and my shoes are all neatly put away on their shelves. Rick has a nice space for his stuff so that it doesn't get crushed and wrinkled and he can get in and out of his sock drawer without getting shirt tails caught in it. It all went together very nicely and I'm really glad he insisted on doing it. Plus, now I get to pick which project to finish next, and I think the dining room ceiling and walls is next on the list.

Cost of closet organizers: less than $100 total. Having a happy Rick just in time for his birthday: priceless.


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