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Monday, August 08, 2005

Day Snippets

I woke up this morning with not one, but two cats curled up on my head. Dixie stayed the weekend, and though I sometimes worry about how rough Pixel and Dixie play, but at the end of the day, they end up curled up together, Pixel licking Dixie's ear. This morning, that included two kittens curled up trying to share my pillow with my head. My head lost. Good thing we keep a spare pillow on the bed these days.

I had a pile of fresh produce for lunch. A gorgeous sweet nectarine. A basket of strawberries. An ear of corn. It was delicious and I was stuffed. More corn for dinner.

The downside of the day was not checking the training database for my class until after five. I wanted to get the HelpSU tickets done first, but they kept coming, and they kept being complicated. I had to submit 8 development tickets, where on a normal day, there's maybe one or two. So, I didn't get it all done as fast as I needed to. I logged in, started to walk through the first transaction, and got a nasty SQL error. Now I get to go back at 8am and pray we can figure it out in 2 hours before the class starts. Yuck.

But for now, leftover ribs and corn.


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