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Monday, August 22, 2005

Workity work work work

After last week's utter boredom, this week is starting as crazy as expected, with all the little eager beavers trying to log in and sign up for classes today, finding problems, and writing HelpSU requests starting at 12:25 this morning. (You could officially start signing up for classes at 12:01am.) It was a very busy day, punctuated by a birthday lunch out for my coworker Christina. Add in fining out about the Stanford Advanced Project Management certification program (that hopefully I'll start shortly), a 1:1 with my manager, and now all the sudden it's 7pm. Time to go!

It was a fun and highly productive weekend though. Justin posted a request for assistance on Monica's new computer class curriculum. Designing a 7th grade computer class sounded like fun to me, so I replied that it's too bad they live in Sac, because I'd love to go over it over drinks on Saturday night. He said, "Oooh let's do it!" and suddenly we had a big weekend plan. They helped us paint our dining room. We helped her plan her computer class and come up with a year's worth of vocab lessons. It rocked. We celebrated with strawberry margaritas and dinner at Chevy's. All was good in the world.

And now I have a green dining room, and I like it a lot. So yeah, productive. Been way productive lately - home and work. Tonight, I'm gonna go veg out in front of the tv with Joan of Arcadia.


  • Thanks again for helping the missus mitigate some of her stress about this class -- glad we could help paint a room in return; it was a lot of fun.

    By Blogger Unknown, at 10:05 AM  

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