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Friday, September 02, 2005

And then work sucked again...

Last one out of the building today. Everyone left early because getting three days off is clearly not enough. Don't mind me. I'm just bitter because I can't get my work done to be prepared for Tuesday since everyone else I need to work with left early. Grr.

And my coup, while a lovely idea, has gone the way of the dodo as the end of the fiscal year meant a game of musical chairs, and my idea was too new and too lightly considered to make the cut in time. The net result is that my former manager from the Persona project is now on the same team as me, and she has roughly the same skill set as me, and she's notorious for gossiping and stabbing people in the back. I've managed to stay out of her way for the past 3 years, but this is just a recipe for badness. I find myself instantly feeling on the defensive, because though she's been formally added to the team, it isn't because she's in the middle of work that applies to this team, and it isn't because she's about to start something the team hasn't had time to get to. It's because she and my manager are close personal friends so he took her on. And we have basically the same skill set, so now we're competing for getting various tasks to do. Somehow as not a close personal friend of the manager, I suspect I will be left with the less savory tasks again and again. This is going to be great.

Meanwhile, I'm supposed to teach a class on Tuesday that I've never gone through the course materials with the author and can't figure out what she's intending on the demos from the notes. She left early today. And I'm supposed to be updating the TRN database for the fall term today, but when I went in to do it, I found that documentation incomplete and contradictory, and the person who wrote them left early, so I had to stall on that for a week since changes to that database only take effect on Fridays. And I started tearing apart the Grad Admissions manual to find that the document was so heavily macro'd in Word that I can't find a way to change the bloody page numbers because the formula that's generating them seems to be failing. But I can't ask the person who would know more about the template because she left early. And I'm supposed to present the Law Lottery process to the team meeting on Tuesday, but the person I sent my draft to two days ago left early without getting back to me on it. And I sent a note to my manager saying I'm not comfortable presenting it without prior feedback citing the incident with a coworker in June when I sent my boss a note asking never to be treated like that in a meeting. (One of my teammates was given an assignment that was somewhat vague, the teammate did it to as he thought best and brought it to the meeting to present, and my manager told him in front of the entire team that this was not what he way looking for and that he needed to go back and redo it. I feel strongly that the failure was as much in the management of the situation as in my teammate's attention to the task.) But my manager didn't get back to me because he left early for the weekend.

And now I'm going to leave the office, but all of the unfinished which has to be dealt with on Tuesday (the Student Records class and the Law Lottery presentation) first thing will leave me feeling anxious and unsettled all weekend. I see a sleepless night in my future on Monday.


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