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Thursday, September 29, 2005


I've spent two hours wrestling the gorram template for our user documentation here at work. It's the most inanely overcomplicated piece of gosa I've ever dealt with. I spend all my time on getting it to update page numbers rather than working on the actual content. This makes me insane. Page numbers should be the easy part. But they paid lots of money for another company to produce our documentation via this template last year (and a similar template before), and my attempts to revise and make the documentation actually useful and appropriate (versus that which was written by people who never worked here and have no idea how things really work here) result in me feeling my blood pressure rise to insane levels only to finally break down and ask the one person in the office who has been wrangling these routinely for a while, and she cheerfully points out what I've missed in the documentation that she wrote and how it should be just so easy. But it's full of counter-intuitive shit like if you want to label an appendix "Appendix B" you have to enter a 2 in the module field. So, two hours gone and all I've managed to do is label the module number. And I've got another four hours to finish the whole gorram document. Gah!!!!


  • "It's the most inanely overcomplicated piece of gosa I've ever dealt with"

    Language, Ammy!

    By Blogger Chris S, at 12:41 AM  

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