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Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Good Days

It was a good weekend. We started Saturday with a bit of last minute household cleanup, and Rick decided it would be good to repaint the one wall that is so marked up in the kitchen. He pulled the paint cans out of the garage, made a sample swatch on white cardboard, thought it looked likely, and began to paint. Too bad that was the Exterior trim paint. It's a very similar color, just a bit darker. We repainted the whole wall and then did little touch up spots on other walls. Then we went and folded the laundry. When I came back, I said, "I don't think this is the right color." He said it would dry to match. I said I don't think so and started rubbing the now dry paint with my finger. He said, "Show me your finger." I did. He said, "Oh crap."

So then we looked at the cans again, and sure enough, that paint is a perfect match for the outside of the house. Not so much for the inside wall. So we repainted inside again, made a few touchups outside (since the brush was already dirty and ready), and went over our little touch ups. Oy. Nothing like repainting the same wall five times in one day. The darker color was very challenging to cover.

That comedy of errors complete, we headed up to Sonoma to Fred's parent's place. Little cabin. Big pool. 91 degrees. Nice. We had a nice evening of paddling around the pool, burgers, and roasted bananas in the fire. It was very relaxing. Just what I needed. We woke up and had Belgian waffles with strawberries, raspberries, blue berries, nectarines and whipped cream for breakfast. Another culinary treat enjoyed, we headed towards home to welcome our guests. A flurry of last minute cleanup (sweeping and mopping the floors mostly, and hauling stuff out to the garage) and we welcomed a house full of guests for a late summer barbecue. I think the biggest surprise was Suzi coming down from Sacramento. That was really nice to see her. Add to that my mom, and Christina from work, and some Fezzis and some old friends and it was one heck of eclectic crowd. An evening of Apples to Apples, roast sausage and corn on the deck, too much food, perfectly roasted marshmallows by Justin, and good conversation around the copper fire pit in the back and it was a great night. One of the guests was the bride in the wedding I'm in on Saturday. She asked to see the silver dress I was planning to wear. I looked for it. And looked for it again. Hmm...

The next morning I rose to what might have been a lazy day, but I kept looking for that silver dress. Finally, I emptied the entire costume closet. No dress. Then I emptied the wardrobe. No dress. Then I went to the garage and dug through all the Goodwill boxes. No dress. Panic!

Tuesday was all set to be a horrific day. But, I got to work early, met with Sarah and went over the class I was teaching that afternoon, talked to my manager at 10 and he convinced me that he was impressed with my Law Lottery document and that I should present it at the meeting at 11. I made copies and made the presentation, and apparently impressed the rest of the team. Max made a special effort to tell me a couple of times that I did a really good job. I then went back and met with Sarah again for another half hour while trying to eat the easy parts of my lunch and finished the tutorial on teaching the class at 1. I ran over to the classroom and got it set up and taught from 1-3:30 (we ran very short) and it went just completely fine. With those two victories in place, I raced through the queue and headed out to go dress shopping. Oh yes, I would find one.

Or not. Metallics just aren't in this season. Luckily, I'd also sent out an email to friends with a desperate plea for a loner dress. Ali offered up this little number, so off I went to Concord. I finally got to see the front porch they've been building. They've got a cool, very wacky old house, now with most of a front porch running the length of the front of it. It will be very nice when completed. A perfect place to sip iced tea on a hot summer day (which they have a lot of in Concord). With a lot of fear, I slipped on the dress. Not too tight. Not too loose. Not too long. Purrrrrfect. Oh yeah. I could do with another couple of cup sizes up top to fill it up, but otherwise, it couldn't be a better fit. And it's gorgeous.

So, with day's crisis number 3 down, I headed home, so very very much relieved.

The last thing to say about this weekend is that it just didn't go as well for others as it did for me. The worst case is poor Lizzie and Geoff who came home from camping to find their home thoroughly burgled. This sucks endlessly, and with credit cards, passports, and Social Security cards missing, it will probably suck for a good long time. And then there's Janelle's brother, the world reknowned musician who lives and works in New Orleans. His home and his livelihood basically floated away this week. And there's lots more where that came from. But for me, I couldn't have had a nicer weekend and I'd expected yesterday to go so badly, and everything just came together perfectly. And today I'm working from home, lounging in a Poang chair recently given to us by Kevin, and enduring my third kitten snuggle attack for the morning while typing this post. Yep, my life is pretty idyllic right at the moment. I'm going to choose to appreciate it rather than feeling guilty that not everyone is having that right now.


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