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Monday, September 19, 2005

Good Theater

We have season tickets to ACT again this year. The first offering was The Overcoat. It's the story of a draftsman who lives in a boarding house. He's got an old tattered overcoat. He's bullied by his officemates. He is hit on by his landlady. Finally he decides he's mended his old coat too many times, and splurges on a new one, and what a fabulous new coat it is too, and suddenly he's the center of attention, and that's when everything starts to go wrong. He drinks too much at a company party, makes a fool of himself, then gets on the wrong bus and ends up in the wrong part of town where his coat is stolen and he gets beat up. Finally, he makes it home only to go mad. It's an interesting story well told. Without words. Not a peep. There's a couple of moments of "This is why people hate mimes" but far more moments of impressive bodily story telling. Add to this a lovely supper before the show at Cafe Mason and dessert after the show at the same, and it was a lovely evening and a truly pleasant opportunity to catch up with Noelle, who in a fabulous egg into omelette transformation has finished school, gotten a great job, found a lovely new beau from London, and lost half her body mass going from a 16 to a 3. All this while being single parent to Galen. Bravo girl!

When leaving the restaurant (after theater, after dessert), Fred mentioned he was going to see The Haunting of Winchester Sunday night. I'd heard an interesting item on Forum about it and wanted to go myself. Calling the box office yielded two tickets in the seats next to Fred and Malaya, and Cyrus and Athena were going that night too. The San Jose Rep is a lovely, intimate theater. The show was quite good, with little Lizzie Jones stealing the show as Marisa. It's an "I wonder why" explanation of Sarah Winchester and her famous house, weaving history with fantasy into an entertaining morsel. Dinner beforehand at the Vegetarian house was yummy again, and dessert at Ben & Jerry's meant lots of quality time over good food with good friends. It's a perfect way to spend a weekend.


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