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Monday, September 12, 2005

Inara Made Me Buy It

I keep finding myself coming home with clothes or small furnishings that I don't ordinarily associate with "my style". Funny thing is, the colors are brighter, or the cut is sexier, or the pattern is not my usual. It seems more and more often, I find myself "explaining" to Rick that "Inara made me buy it."

It's very weird, but I've ended up with a couple of really great dresses, a shirt,a robe, and a small jewelry box I would've ordinarily passed up. It's kind of fascinating to me to watch the influence of seeing similar styles in an attractive setting. Some people watch the ads. I guess I'd be an easy mark for product placement. Of course, those products would have to be exotic fashions and lush furnishings, but whatever. Oh and Kaylee has made me buy a couple shirts and a pair of flip flops too.


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