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Thursday, September 15, 2005

Not Loving Caltrain

On campus there's this big recommendation to take public transit. It's easier! It's better! It's less wear and tear on your car! No need to pay for parking on campus!*

Tried to take Caltrain this morning. We headed out, but Rick forgot his phone and had to go back in and hunt for it. This meant we arrived at the station and the train pulled in and out while we were walking to it from the car. The next train headed to Palo Alto was 38 minutes later. I can drive the whole way in 38 minutes.

This is why public transit in America fails.

I still recall fondly the first time I was in Paris with Cyrus. We heard a train coming in, ran towards it, and emerged on the platform just as the doors closed. Woosh! Away the train went. Cy and I shuffled over toward the waiting chairs. As we lowered ourselves to the chairs, another train came in. Woosh! Less than 5 mintues between trains. This is functional public transit. The last time I was in Paris, we went out to the Foire du TrĂ´ne. It took 3 train transfers (4 trains total) to get back to our hotel. It took 22 minutes. This is functional public transit.

Caltrain. 38 minutes between trains. This does not work.

*No need to pay for parking on campus IF you take the train EVERY DAY and IF you don't have to buy Caltrain lot parking passes.


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