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Friday, September 23, 2005

Serenity Premiere

I'm back. We were not allowed to carry cameras, so others photos will have to suffice. Edit - Ooh look at the pretty video (and more photos)! And look - another article!

This was a total once in a lifetime opportunity. So many favorite folks from the Whedonverse were there. And at this point, I know so many fellow browncoats that it was really great to see some old friends I haven't seen since Chicago. We arrived, pulled up to the parking garage and were suprised to find that premiere parking was free, and headed to the registration table just for Browncoats. I picked up my tickets and met up with Shanna and Ray and several other Browncoats. I met Shawna Trpcic, the costume designer for Firefly. She and her husband seem very friendly.

The red carpet part was interesting. There's two halves of the carpet. The stars walk down one side and get stopped along the way for photos and interviews. Other guests walk down the other side. Then there's a gap, and a barricaded area for fans to stand in and scream and take photos. Nathan is a great guy and he actually came and shook hands with the fans, sneaking down that non-carpet space to say hi to folks before doing his official walk down the carpet. Also, Joss Whedon has dropped like 30 pounds at least since Wondercon last year. It's an amazing transformation. He's svelte and incredibly happy looking. Morena looked stunning in her little black dress. She has amazingly delicate features, and is actually a tad taller than I expected. And Ron Glass seems to be forever smiling or laughing. It's probably what keeps him looking easily 20 years younger than his age.

We headed inside and sat in our assigned seats. There was free popcorn and sodas for everyone in the lobby. In reality, the premiere was spread over four theaters. We were in the red theater. This meant assigned seats, which was really nice, and was also a source of amusement at the end. We Browncoats were all in the first six rows of the theater. I looked behind me about halfway through the credits and said, "Hey, I wonder where the Browncoats are sitting." Everybody laughed. We merry band of intrepid fangeeks waited out to the end of the credits together.

So then we headed down another red carpet to the after party. This was like going to the nicest wedding reception you've ever been to. There were several courtyards with different catering stations. There were full meals of chicken, shrimp, calzones, salad, french fries and hamburgers. There was a dessert buffet complete with hot apple cobbler (my pick - yummy!). There was an espresso bar. There was a bar and a pub open, all free. We walked around a corner, and another Browncoat stopped Rick and said, "Love the kilt. Dang - are you two here together?" We concurred. He said, "Well, I think you're the best dressed couple here tonight." My blue dress did look mighty good, so I cheerfully absorbed this compliment. Heck, if I can get dressed up in a public bathroom after driving five hours and get nominated for best dressed couple of the night, then woohoo! After all the theaters let out and all the stars made it inside, we moved into the main reception hall. Each star had their own table where their friends and family were sitting. Walking around the hall, there would be little mobs near each star. It got overwhelmingly crowded at times. I have no nerve whatsoever to randomly talk to famous people, so mostly I milled around, catching up with Browncoats, occassionally standing near a star to overhear conversation. Alan Tudyk is a crack up. And Ron Glass is always laughing. I'd love to get to know him as a person. I'd love to learn to be that happy from someone who seems to be genuinely that happy all the time. Christina Hendricks (Saffron) was asked for an autograph by one of the geekier fan boys there, and she cheerfully obliged, leaning over to sign on a coffee table. When she stood up, her boyfriend pantomimed the scene back to her, with her bending over and the fanboy trying not to faint dead away at the sight of her bent bottom. She shoved him playfully, but I added, "Yeah, but he's not lying." The room was decorated with a big Buddha up front, flaked by parasols and fans, with drapes of pink, red, orange and gold fabric hung from the ceiling. There were two raised platforms with porch swings. Rick and I curled up on one of those for a while. I stepped out to make a phone call, and on the way back in was passing Neil Patrick Harris. I just had to stop and tell him how much I enjoyed him as Mark in Rent. He seemed to genuinely appreciate that. I hope his new show "How I Met Your Mother" does well. The pilot was certainly funny enough and it's got both him and Alyson Hannigan in it.

The party wound down between 12:30 and 1, and we walked out the same time as another woman who was hanging near Nathan all night. Turns out, she's his publicist. I suggested that it was likely she'd be very busy very soon. She said she hoped. Rick asked if this was ever done, if fans were ever invited to these sorts of things. She said, "No. Never. This was a shock. It took us all aback." So truly, once in a lifetime.

The one thing that keeps coming up again and again is that for all the stories you hear about "Hollywood People" being rude or self-centered or prima donnas, the Firefly/Serenity folks don't seem to be like that at all. They're all very genuine and they appreciate their fans. Joss made a big point of thanking us all on the red carpet. So did Ron and Nathan. And they mean it. I mean, geez, they invited us to their party. It's something that's just not done, and yet, there I was. Thank you Joss (and Universal). It was a wonderful night.


  • Sounds like a awesome fan geek time.

    I would have loved to talk to Alan Tudyk and heard about Spamalot!.
    Then again, maybe it was better that I wasn't. I may have been a bit emotional.

    By Blogger Chris S, at 2:58 PM  

  • I am dying here. Did you know being jealous could kill? It can, I kno....

    By Blogger Flonkbob, at 7:42 AM  

  • Thank you so much for posting this. It is so great to remember that night. Great post!

    I'm still looking for any photos that have me or my sister in the background.

    By Blogger Beth - tpainelvr1, at 8:08 PM  

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