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Monday, September 26, 2005


It was a tremendously lazy weekend. After returning from L.A., I did some work on Friday, then launched into lethargy mode. We went to see Corpse Bride on Friday, which I dearly loved. It was a little goth girl's dream come true. Tim Burton styling, with Victorian and swing-era influences, Danny Elfman music, unbeatable voice acting from the likes of Johnny Depp, Helena Bonham-Carter, Christopher Lee, Tracey Ullman, and more, and a delicious story that will be the inspiration for a thousand gothling weddings for the next ten years or more. Alex joined us for that, and we headed to Johnny Rockets for supper afterwards where we were unable to control the happy feet. Too much good music makes for impromptu swing in the restuarant. We retired to home to see this week's episode of Supernatural and to lighten up afterwards by showing Alex the pilot of How I Met Your Mother.

Saturday we rose and sent Alex off to work. Rick and I headed off to breakfast at Hobee's and to see Just Like Heaven. This was a sweet little romantic comedy that really shone in the denouement. It's worth a matinee or a rental, and there's one truly priceless scene between Mark Ruffalo and Donal Logue. Home again, we did some basic housekeeping and then settled in to watch the last episode of the season for Battlestar Galactica and the last disc of Dead Like Me. That's a show that really came together in the second season, but sadly, it was cancelled.

Sunday we slept late and woke to a good breakfast followed closely by a massage. This led to more lethargy, culminating in a nice dinner with Susanne and watching Touch of Pink. It was a sweet little Bend it like Beckham meets Better than Chocolate with the spirit of Cary Grant thrown in for color.

It was the single most lazy weekend I've had all year, and though I'm just slightly disappointed that I didn't make better use of my time, I'm also not especially fretted over it since this was the last unplanned weekend of the year. The gauntlet starts here. Every weekend has plans from now until A.D. - After Dickens. I've already used that phrase once, and it won't stop soon. This week promises the start of a lunchtime exercise class, a Blues dance class with Richard Powers on Thursdays, air hockey with Bates on Tuesday, Serenity on Friday, and birthday parties on Saturday and Sunday. So, I'll take my ultra-lazy weekend and enjoy it, because it's going to be many months before I see its like again.


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