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Tuesday, October 18, 2005


So last week I survived the Grad Admissions class, and promptly left for Disneyland. A little "Hey, we should go to Disneyland together..." mentioned to Michelle and Kerry expanded first with an invitation to Malaya and Fred as passholders, and then included Shauna and Sherman (also passholders) and surprisingly, everybody was in and the 8 of us tromped through Disneyland. I think my favorite part was lunch at the Blue Bayou on Saturday. Spirited conversation was had, and the hustle and bustle of the park was left behind. The eight of us around a table clearly meant for six, all cozied up having a lovely meal in a perfect setting complete with a jolly dessert - baked apple with caramel sauce. I ate so much at 2 that I wasn't ready for dinner until 10:30, and even then, I could've skipped it if everyone else hadn't been ready to faint dead away. Also, the Haunted Mansion shone in its festive holiday decor, the Astro Blasters were as much fun as before, we got a 2 for 1 ride on the Matterhorn, dragged both Fred and Malaya on to the Tower of Terror, got to experience Turtle Talk with Crush, and a kept bumping into a fun cast member named Fany who seemed to have a great sense of humor even though she was working late at Indy on Saturday and was back the next morning to work Big Thunder Mountain.

And then we drove home on Monday. The drive took far longer than it ever has before, due in large part to the deadly combination of poor drivers and bad weather. First, there was the overturned fuel tanker crashed on I-5. Then there was the gauntlet between Valencia and Grapevine where we saw 7 or 8 accidents, 2 overturned vehicles, and drove through the start of a flash flood. The road was closed shortly after we made it through because the flash flood became a mudslide. It was pretty amazing. At the 37 party, Scott had asked for tales of weather. Perhaps that question was still hanging in the air, because boy do we have new tales to tell. Coming out of the mountains where the lightning flash and the thunderclap seemed almost simultaneous, the storm broke away to reveal a beautiful sunset, full of rich red hues dappled by wispy white clouds.


  • I can't believe you were there at the same time (Fri and Sat) we were and we didn't run into each other. Argh.

    By Blogger John, at 5:29 AM  

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