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Monday, October 31, 2005

I Love Halloween

Best Holiday Ever Created. Yup.

I sit at my desk today in an impromptu pirate costume. I stumbled on a cute pirate hat and decided I had to have it, not knowing when I'd ever be dressed as a pirate. Thanks to my magical costume closet of holding, I'm a pirate today. My magic costume closet has treated me very well for the last 10 days. Each time a costume event has come up, sometime in the hours preceding the event, I've gone to the closet and asked it to provide. Each time, I've walked away dressed very successfully. I've been a goth replete with black bustled skirt, lace blouse, PVC bodice, and jeweled neclace for the Waltz Macabre. For Gaskells, I pulled out a white lace dress, a veil, and a tiara with intentions to be a dead bride, but then couldn't find my white face makeup (or a sufficient bouquet of dead flowers), so ended up as a pretty pretty princess instead. Last night at bedtime, Rick and I dug through to find the various accoutrements of a pirate. With his old wrist braces, his flouncy white shirt, my black and red striped stockings, a piece of blue silk to tie round my head, an old faire belt, cup, and knife, and some wide legged house pants, I'm ready for a short and merry life at the sweet trade. Or at least a couple dozen HelpSU requests.

We had a potluck at work today, and after being out late carving pumpkins, I utterly flailed on pulling together a dish. So I stopped at KFC on the way in. Waiting for my bucket of chicken, a Honda Odyssey pulled up, and out stepped Colonel Sanders. Or, at least a very fine Halloween replica, complete with white suit, ribbon tie, white hair, beard and goatee. He gave me a little salute on his way in. I sat there with a big ol' grin, and then he came out, about the same time as the employee came out with my chicken. Turns out, he didn't work there like I'd assumed at first. He was just picking up the requisite chicken to take to wherever he was headed for the day. Priceless. Did I mention I love Halloween? Oh yeah. And on my way to work, I listened to the start of the 10@10 set on KFOG, all Halloween themed, including Thriller, Dead Man's Party, This is Halloween, and Werewolves of London. Wheee!

Tonight I will pretend to be an adult and hand out candy to trick or treaters on my street. I figure it should be interesting to try once. Depending on the quantity of trick or treaters, next year will either be more elaborate, or back to the old tradition on Halloween caroling.


  • Halloween Caroling went well in Berkeley. It was Shauna, Sherman, Quinn, V and myself. We went about 3-4 blocks down and back. We had lots of appreciative faces and even one request for Good King Weneslaus. We managed to say "only 54 shopping days left until Christmas" and some folks joined us in a blood curdling scream at that revelation. Fun was had by all. Thanks for posting the songs. :)

    By Blogger Chris S, at 8:42 AM  

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